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   Chapter 3436 A Small Star

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Zen moved close to the blue lights. "Couldn't you release me first?"

As he said it, he motioned to the blue lights and then to the area outside.

Since he couldn't speak the monsters' tongue, he could only rely on the sign language.

He wasn't sure if the little monster with a golden ring actually understood him, but after a while, it did take the other little monsters away. Zen was left in the cage, helpless. The little monster that had been accompanying him felt the same way.

After about eight hours, some little monsters brought him food. They didn't know he didn't need to eat anything, so they thought that he had to eat just like they did.

The raw meat appeared cut from carcasses. It didn't appeal to Zen at all.

He glanced at the meat, completely uninterested in eating it. Seeing the little monster beside him looking on eagerly, he threw the meat toward it.

The little monster's eye was filled with excitement and gratitude as it wolfed down the meat.

'The blue light these little monsters shoot out from their eyes is powerful enough to hurt me directly. This means the light has a very high level of energy. Why, then, do they need to eat all this meat?' Zen thought, looking at the little monster.

It was impossible for Zen to be hurt by the energy at the same level as the internal momentum of the Godly Ways unless it was the Ways-blending Energy.

The creatures that acquired the internal momentum of the Godly Ways had already reached the True God Realm. To use that kind of theurgy, what they consumed was the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Those at the Other Shore Realm, meanwhile, had to absorb divine crystals to replenish their Other Shore Power.

The energy that meat could replenish was simply negligible and wasn't worth much. It was the crudest and least effective way of acquiring energy. The little monsters couldn't release the terrifying blue light just from eating meat alone.

r him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The little monsters carried Zen through the ruins, while the double-headed flying snakes chased after them relentlessly, intent on taking their captive away.

There were always numerous casualties in this kind of battle.

But it seemed both parties were careful not to harm Zen in the crossfire. The bubbles from the double-headed flying snakes and the blue lights from the little monsters all avoided the cage in which Zen was imprisoned.

The intense battle continued for a while. The little monsters carried Zen all throughout their retreat, fleeing into another ruin.

As they arrived at one of the ruined structures, Zen's eyes lit up at what he saw ahead.

There was a small yellowish brown star floating at the edge.

The star, measuring over ten thousand feet across, was valuable. Zen was surprised to see a huge statue of a human standing on top of it.

Zen had thought he was the first human that had been exiled to this place. It seemed that he was wrong.

It would appear that the human race had come here many years ago.

However, judging from what remained in this place, many civilizations had gone by. When had this statue been built?

While Zen puzzled over it, the little monsters carrying him jumped onto the small star.

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