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   Chapter 3434 Little Monsters And Their Trap

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Zen wasn't able to find any valuable clues from the metal debris.

The Metal Civilization had its own words that differed from the Sanskrit words. Because of this, it was impossible for Zen to understand them given the time constraint.

After collecting a few special-looking metals, Zen crossed the area where the piles of debris were.

The piles of debris were closely connected and floated through the air. Some of them had remarkable features, though Zen could just vaguely recognize the civilizations to which they belonged. Most of them were stones and fragments of buildings from ancient civilizations. Zen even found an entire mountain in the pile of debris.

"This is a whole mountain."

As he stood upon the top of the mountain, Zen unleashed his spiritual sense into it and examined its interior.

Inside the mountain, some caves contained corpses of small animals. Judging from their appearances, it was hard to tell how long they had been dead in there.

"It's kind of strange," Zen noted as he furrowed his brows.

"What's the matter?" No. 9527 inquired.

"How could the corpses of these small animals be well preserved?" Zen responded.

It would be quite normal for the dead bodies made up of metal to not decay for countless years.

However, the corpses were of common animals. Naturally, they would have decayed already after being dead for so long.

This unnatural phenomenon raised Zen's curiosity.

"That's not surprising at all," No. 9527 answered indifferently. "Time does not exist here. Even if they have been dead for millions or billions of years, their bodies will remain the same."

There was no concept of time in the space they were in.

Zen got a bit of a hard time believing that this phenomenon could exist.

Just when he withdrew his spiritual sense, he suddenly perceived something moving on the other side of the mountain.

He detected a silhouette but couldn't catch a clear view of it. One thing was for sure—it was a living being.


Wasting no time, Zen sprinted towards the back of the mountain. When he looked around carefully, his eyes lit up. "Found you," he whispered.

Eventually, a monster

sly dodging, Zen finally got to erase the gap between him and the original little monster. As it was caught off guard, Zen quickly stretched out his arm and grabbed it.

"Woo, woo, woo, woo..."

Blue light shot out from the little monster's eye as it struggled from being captured by Zen. The lights were powerful but the little monster itself was relatively weak as it couldn't do anything to break free from Zen's hands.

Seeing that their companion had been caught, the other little monsters grew restless. The blue light that shot out from their eyes became denser, more energy being released, and the huge net was almost airtight.

Everything was crushed as the piercing rays ran through the surrounding debris.

Zen carried the little monster and moved up to a higher area. Just as his foot touched a piece of debris while escaping, the debris was suddenly pierced by the blue light and immediately turned to dust.

At the same time, Zen noticed that a ray of blue light was reflected by a piece of metal plate about ten feet wide.

'That metal plate can block the light! I might be able to make use of it.'

With this in mind, Zen quickly dashed towards the metal plate.

However, the moment he got really close to the metal plate, an unexpected trap was actually waiting for him.

Rays of blue light suddenly shot out from the metal plate, bounced back, and turned into fences. Soon, Zen found out that he was entrapped inside.

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