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   Chapter 3433 Outside The Chaos

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Zen was well-accustomed to the Space Law. He had a general understanding of its operation.

Based on his first impression, Zen thought that he must be trapped in some kind of space or within the depths of the space crack.

However, he doubted this as he watched the scene unfolding right in front of his eyes.

Inside his mind, No. 9527 seemed to go blank for a while. Finally, it said, "It's an unknown place."

"Unknown? What do you mean?" There was a note of incredulity in Zen's voice. This information had absolutely stunned Zen.

"The power displayed by Mount was the unique theurgy of a Chaos Ancient God," responded No. 9527. There was no other way of explaining it.

When Zen heard this, a sudden realization dawned upon him. "You mean to say that Mount has the blood of a Chaos Ancient God just like me? That explains so much."

Any high-level energy could easily get rid of the restraint of a low-level energy.

All the strong warriors who created the Chaotic Source World had highly exceptional abilities. Therefore, it was quite impossible for these young warriors to break the restrictions of the Chaotic Source World.

However, Mount was able to do it effortlessly. This only meant that the level of his energy was extremely high.

After careful judgment of his current situation, Zen finally settled on an answer. Mount could also use a truth-level theurgy much like him.

"He is different from you, though," No. 9527 suddenly spoke and dismissed Zen's conclusion.

"Really? What's the difference between the two of us?" Zen asked curiously.

"He is a part of the Chaos Ancient God. He had been raised from infancy to adulthood with the blood of the Chaos Ancient God in him," replied No. 9527 in a low voice. It seemed that it was depressed.

"You mean he is a Chaos Ancient God?!" Zen was absolutely taken aback. A look of pure astonishment registered upon his face. After taking a long time to digest this news, he asked, "Earlier, you said that this is an unknown place. What exactly does that mean?"

No. 9527 thought for a moment and replied, "Mount's theurgy is the space itself. He masters the bottom-layer space concept of the chaos. If we compare the chaos to a house, then what he did just now was to cut a corner and throw you and the half hand within this corner out of the house. In other words, he has deleted this space from the chaos."

Zen blinked as he tried to absorb what No. 9527 just said.

No. 9527 had give

were dozens of corpses curled up inside the cup. Strangely enough, those corpses emitted a brass glow. Even after several years after their death, they still looked like they had just died.

Zen pulled out a long sword and lightly tapped one of the corpses. A crisp sound rang as he did this.

"Hmm. Just as I suspected, these corpses are made of metal," Zen murmured.

Ever since he entered the Other Shore and merged with the Civilization Artifact, Zen had a deeper understanding that not every life had flesh and blood.

For instance, the bodies of the members of the Regal Jade Civilization were made of jade. Their entire civilization was built from a flying jade. Essentially, they were different from the other creatures in the Source World.

Therefore, it didn't seem strange to Zen that the Metal Civilization existed in the chaos. It was perfectly plausible.

"These are not the creatures of the current civilization," No. 9527 added.

In the previous chaos, there were other Chaos Ancient Gods that existed. They controlled the bottom-layer space theurgy. Naturally, they would delete some unnecessary spaces and throw them out like Mount did.

Zen nodded in agreement. In any case, he was not interested in these metal bodies. He stood at the edge of the metal cup and sighed, "Is there no other living being in this place?" He felt exasperated.

At the very least, there seemed to be no danger within this void. For some creatures with an infinite lifespan, they should be able to survive for a long time.

Zen couldn't help but get a little disappointed. The deafening silence of this vast space was too depressing.

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