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   Chapter 3431 Copying All The Bloodline Theurgies

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The shadow of Snake Goddess was a unique bloodline theurgy of the Snake Goddess race.

Most of the members had the capability of exerting this theurgy, but the power levels varied depending on the purity of their blood. The purer the blood, the more powerful the skill.

Yan's shadow of Snake Goddess, for example, was at the highest level owing to her purer blood while Natalie's was lower in level.

So when the Evil God used the shadow of Snake Goddess, it immediately attracted everybody's attention.

"That can't be! Is that the shadow of Snake Goddess?"

"That's our unique bloodline theurgy? How is he able to use it? He's not one of our kind!"

"What kind of ability is this?"

Yan could only stare at the Evil God, not quite comprehending what was currently happening.

While everyone was still in a state of shock, the Evil God's body began to change again.

Everyone watched as his body trembled and his bones morphed into something else. Two heads sprouted out of his shoulders while four arms grew on his back.

"Three heads and six arms?"

"Is that the bloodline theurgy of the Nine Li race?"

"What's going on here?"

Sally's face paled when she witnessed the three heads and the six arms of the Evil God. "How did he do that? He's not a member of the Nine Li race," she murmured in disbelief.

"He seems to have the ability to acquire other people's bloodline theurgy," Chaim told her, having figured it out a little bit. "I think he got this ability after making this strange world descend. Since the Evil God copied Mount's skill and also used the Grand Teleportation, that means Mount could freely ignore the spatial restrictions of the Chaotic Source World because of his bloodline theurgy."

Chaim's explanations made sense and Sally couldn't help but be impressed with how observant he had been.

However, he was also clever enough to figure out another secret.

"If he was able to have three heads and six arms, then that means there are members of the Nine Li race with us in this space," Chaim continued.

Sally couldn't help but frown at Chaim's words.

Since he was able to see it, those outside the Chaotic Source World might also come up with this conclusion.

There was no way to hide their identity as members of the Nine Li race anymore.

As the Evil God finished his transformation, the six fists he had clenched tightly and let

nfortunate that they're only temporary. So disappointing..." The Evil God shook his head regretfully. "Therefore, I will let you all sleep forever in this world so that I can have these bloodline theurgies forever!"

He let out a roaring laugh before disappearing from where he stood.

When he disappeared, Mount also vanished in his spot, making the Evil God miss his target.

The two continued to dodge each other's attacks, disappearing and reappearing here and there as their fight continued.

Truth be told, Mount did most of the dodging. The Evil God was so good at throwing his offensive attacks that Mount had no time to throw one of his own.

"Such power! I don't think he'll ever be suppressed by anyone at this point, not even Zen..." Chaim murmured.

The Evil God had made himself clear.

Whatever unique bloodline theurgy it was, the Evil God could copy it so long as anyone with that theurgy was in this world.

However, if the owner of the theurgy was killed, then it would become his permanently.

Having obtained the acute sensibility of the Ear Mouse race, the Evil God even foresaw Mount's planned moves and attacks.

As he dodged the continuous attacks from his formidable opponent, Mount suddenly thought of a solution that could turn the tides.

His eyes fell on Yan.

He knew he could only rely on that person's strength now.

Yan was a very important person for the Pear Hill, so Mount trapped her in the cage so that she would be safe.

If he released her from that cage and put her in the line of danger, then that person would surely take action.

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