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   Chapter 3430 The Change Of The World

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Not only did Mount have a remarkable space theurgy, but also had enough strength to make the Evil God fear him.

However, the Evil God did not hesitate. In fact, the more threatening something was, the more he wanted to go for it.

Originally, he wanted to give Zen the fatal blow while waiting in the shadows.

But at this point, he had no idea where Zen was sent away. Luckily, Mount had the special space ability, which made him a fine target.

If the Evil God could somehow obtain a similar mystical space theurgy, he would be powerful beyond imagination.

As Mount's power was restrained by Chaim's abacus, the Evil God saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Cautiously, he snuck around behind a disciple of the Oneness Sky Palace, which allowed him to appear right behind Mount after he used teleportation.

Accompanied by a heinous laugh, a ray of black light shone in the Evil God's eyes.


Just like that, the black light in his eyes began to extend, forming slender four-legged snakes. The creatures began to twist and intertwine themselves around Mount, keeping him captive.

Mount showed no panic, but his face did express a sense of irritation.

He tried to wave his arms around, flailing them just to get rid of the snakes. But they were strong and securely wrapped around him, so there was nothing he could do.

It came to a point where his Other Shore Power had come close to none. His physical strength only reached dozens of divine megatons, making it nearly impossible to break free from the snakes.


After thinking hard, he realized he could not use power in this situation. He had to come up with another means of escape.

Within seconds, Mount's figure began to slowly disappear, as he used the Grand Teleportation technique to escape.

But he failed as the snakes had a unique energy attribute. They had the ability to attach themselves so firmly onto his body that he couldn't even move into the space!

"You can't escape..." The Evil God chuckled, enjoying as he watched Mount struggle.

Though the Evil God taunted, Mount paid no attention to him. Suddenly, a cube began to emerge from the pupil of his eye, growing until it enveloped him, the snakes and the Evil God into a dimension.


Mount was able to move away now, but he took the Evil God with him!

The next moment, both of them were up in the air at ten thousand feet, descending rapidly.

The E

e, don't you?" The Evil God smirked. "You can even see that a civilization is behind me!"

In fact, there were still many civilizations remaining on the Other Shore. At this point, every ruling civilization had come to an agreement: only the chosen spokesperson of the civilization had the ability to descend a world.

And the rules in this kind of world would be redefined.

However, some civilizations were stronger than others. This meant that some worlds that descended were also stronger than others.

For example, the blood-red world brought by the Bright Mountain's leader was not powerful, because the civilization behind him could not be considered a ruling one.

"Even if you let a new world descend, you would not be able to do anything to me!" As soon as the words left his mouth, Mount enclosed himself and the Evil God in a cube once again.

This time, he made sure to use the space theurgy accurately, moving towards the edge of the foot of the mother. He hovered the Evil God right under the foot, threatening him with a sudden death. Should the foot step on the cube, the Evil God would not be able to dodge it.

However, when the Evil God was thrown in, he flashed his body, employing the Grand Teleportation technique to move away from the cube and into the air. He looked down at Mount and grinned. "It is indeed a wonderful thing, your space theurgy." He chuckled. "Quite convenient. I can't wait to have it..."

After the Evil God finished speaking, his arms trembled and crimson energy radiated form his body. It formed an outline, a huge figure of energy, which was the shadow of Snake Goddess!

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