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   Chapter 3429 A Black Figure

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The abacus's beads moved up and down for a while until they settled down and showed the number, one thousand and two hundred.

When Mount saw it, he knew it meant he could only exert six hundred divine megatons of force in the next attack.

Such an amount of force was no longer powerful enough to defeat the talents of the young generation.

Most of these people who stayed in the core area could easily exert a thousand divine megatons of force. Some Other Shore Tokens of the descending type could even exert more than that amount of power.

As Mount mulled this development over, Chaim, seriously injured, collapsed to the ground, blood gurgling out of his mouth.

When the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace saw this, they all descended from the sky and surrounded him protectively.

"Chaim, are you okay?" Sally walked to Chaim's side and helped him to stand up.

Elvinia took out a golden pill, pushed it into Chaim's mouth and pronounced with certainty, "He won't die."

After swallowing the pill with great difficulty, Chaim glanced up at Mount in the sky. "You can attack him now. His strength has been greatly reduced. His next attack will have only six hundred divine megatons of force, and his fourth attack will be further reduced by half," he told his companions.

Chaim had merged with two Other Shore Tokens. Previously, he had used the Living Puppet Chains several times to transform himself into the puppet of the first Other Shore Token. It allowed his strength to increase exponentially in a short period of time, but the side effect was quite serious.

The second Other Shore Token was the golden abacus.

The origin of the abacus was very bizarre. Chaim once had an adventure in a temple on Stage Nine. Inside the temple, he even found a human!

This human was not in the form of the Soul of Light, but existed as a creature of the Other Shore.

Chaim had never heard of human beings living on the Other Shore, so he found it strange.

At the time, the human had been captured by a golden line and would have died from it, had Chaim not undone the hexes in the temple, releasing him. Chaim simply did so because he was saving someone of his kind.

The human being had been deeply grateful to Chaim. Before he left, he gave Chaim the Other Shore Token, a golden abacus.

At first, he paid the Other Shore Token no mind. His goal was to step in

with a loud thud.

Fortunately, he was still able to block the strike with his long sword at the last minute. Otherwise, it really would have been fatal.

After that first strike, the gold abacus beside Mount started rattling again. This time, the number it showed was down to six hundred.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

The Six Snake Shadows formed a huge and mysterious array as they launched themselves at Mount.

Mount flickered out of his original spot again before his fist landed on a member of the Snake Goddess race, knocking her away. The golden abacus jostled again and reduced the number it showed to three hundred.

As Mount continued on his attacks, the Other Shore Power he could release was getting weaker and weaker.

One hundred and fifty...Seventy five...

Thirty two...



When his force was reduced to eight divine megatons, his attack no longer posed any threat.

Even the weakest disciples in the Oneness Sky Palace were now much stronger than him.

Even so, there was no sign of panic on the face of Mount. Just as Chaim had said, the most important thing Mount relied on was his space theurgy, which was a bloodline theurgy. The golden abacus couldn't deal with his bloodline theurgy at all.

But Mount was still trying to find out the limits of the abacus. He knew the abacus couldn't possibly be without any limitations.

As Mount made his way through the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace and the members of the Snake Goddess race, a black figure suddenly appeared behind him. The figure burst out in strange laughter.

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