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   Chapter 3428 The Gold Abacus

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Chaim had told Milo that there was only one way to defeat Mount, and that was to stab the latter with his sword.

However, it was extremely difficult to do so since Mount constantly performed the Grand Teleportation technique.

Despite that, Milo immediately decided that he would handle this matter.

After all, no one else had a better understanding of the Flow Strike than Milo did.

The very second he launched the attack against Mount, he quickly entered the flow state and was always on guard for Mount's possible attacks.

Yet, such a prediction was not completely accurate. After all, Milo was not Mount himself, so he could not know what his opponent was thinking.

Still, it could bring guidance to him and pressure to the opponent's thoughts.

Chaim launched an attack before Milo did; then Chaim attacked Mount again. Milo's prediction changed three times before he directed Chaim to stab Mount in the chest.

But Milo was disappointed at the power of his attack.

If it was Milo who had stabbed Mount, Mount's skin would have been cut, even if the sword had not pierced his body.

On the contrary, Chaim's strike was just like a tickle!

In addition, his proud expression confused Milo. "What are you happy about? Is your sword poisoned? He didn't even even if there is poison in your sword, it is useless, isn't it?" Milo berated.

In turn, Chaim simply pointed to Mount in the distance and said, "Look!"

A speck of golden light appeared beside Mount, which soon turned into a gold abacus.

"What the hell is that?" Milo asked in bewilderment. There were millions of mortals, but the immortal-like disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace weren't one of them.

It was normal that Milo had not seen abacuses before.

"It's just an abacus," answered Chaim with a quick glance at Milo, and thought that the latter was a little ignorant.

"An abacus... What does it do?" Milo asked. He was still confused.

It wasn't only him, however. The disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace, and the members of the Snake Goddess race who surrounded Mount, all stared at the shiny object with perplexed looks.

Even Mount was observing the small thing.

Then, he stretched out one of his finge

. If the Emerald Light Mirror had not blocked his attack, I might have died already!' Chaim thought with lingering fear.

Now, Mount also looked at the gold abacus beside him and quickly read the number on it. "2, 400 divine megatons of force…the function of this abacus is more than just counting, isn't it?"

"Of course not. Your first attack has reached your limit, and your next attack will have only half the power of the previous one," Chaim calmly explained. He had relied on the Latent Theurgy to avoid his opponent's deadliest blow. Now that his gold abacus had already started to work, he was no longer that afraid of Mount.

While Mount stared at the numbers on the abacus, he asked, "So, you mean that I can only exert 1, 200 divine megatons of force for my next attack?"

"Yes," said Chaim with a nod.

The moment he nodded his head, Mount appeared in front of him and was about to throw a punch to his face.

This time, Mount was so fast that Milo had no time to alert Chaim. Without any warning, Chaim reflexively raised his hands to resist the punch.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

How could Chaim's body resist Mount's attack? The bones in his arms and his chest broke into pieces at once. Blood gushed out from his mouth, and then he fell from the sky.

"It really was only half as powerful as the last punch." Mount looked at his fist and muttered.

"Crack, crack, crack..."

At that moment, the beads of the abacus beside him began to move again.

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