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   Chapter 3427 Formidable Opponent

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Fuxi, standing atop a snow mountain, only snorted when he heard Mount's words.

He had no plans to take action.

He didn't even make a move when Zen, who Fuxi held in great importance, had been sealed by Mount. It would have been too late, anyway.

But if Mount were to attack Yan, Fuxi would surely charge into the Chaotic Source World to rescue her without hesitation.

Even Mount, who had spent all this time in the Chaotic Source World, could tell as much.

"Oh, cut the crap!"

As a successor of Eastern Emperor Taiyi and one of the best warriors of the Phoenix Palace, Elvinia remained unfazed.

A dangerous golden light flashed in her eyes.

Divine flames of the Sun Crow race burst out from her hair, while the Warrior of the Stone Hill emerged above her. Tens of thousands of rays of sword radiance shot toward Mount, leaving no place for him to dodge.

At the same time, Yan stretched out her hands and a crimson energy began to spread around her. The shadow of Snake Goddess appeared behind her, growing quickly in size.

Chaim, Milo, Dorothy and Sally all launched their attacks at the same moment!

"Stay back, Mya!" Mount shouted.

Mya, however, was finding it fun tagging along with her Uncle Mount.

She didn't want to miss out on anything at all.

She could tell he was being serious, however. It was obvious he was unsure whether he could defeat these enemies from the Oneness Sky Palace and the Pear Hill. He had asked her to leave to spare her from danger before he went all out in this fight.

"I won't..."

Before Mya could finish protesting, she suddenly felt dizzy. Before she knew it, she was already on a mountain top.

She looked around and soon realized that she was on the northern peak of the core area.

She hadn't even sensed the aura of the space theurgy her uncle used to send her away!

She stomped angrily before flying toward the main peak.

Once Mya was safely out of the way, Mount wasted no time. He pushed his hands forward and with one hop, disappeared from everyone's sight.

The next moment, he was behind Yan. He made a quick motion with his hands.

A huge cube, measuri

ir attacks seemed off. It looked less like they were fighting an enemy and more like they were casually training.

But Mount reacted in perfect coordination with their movements. He changed his position and reappeared beneath Milo's sword.

Milo's sword attack was a unique skill of the Flow Strike. Although it was not very powerful, it could cause the opponent to feel like he was in real trouble.

Mount's moving theurgy was great, but his soul was at the same level as those at the thirteenth stage of the Other Shore Realm. In the face of the Heart Stab, he was alarmed and was forced to use spatial transference once again.

This time, he appeared behind Chaim, who abruptly stabbed his sword backward and hit Mount precisely!


Unexpectedly, the stab was so weak it could not even pierce Mount's skin.

But after landing the hit, Chaim retreated quickly but calmly, distancing himself from Mount. Milo followed suit and fell back.

It was known that all space theurgies were rendered useless in the Chaotic Source World, but Mount was able to violate this rule.

Knowing this, Chaim and Milo estimated that even if all of them took Mount on at the same time, there was a chance they still wouldn't be able to defeat him.

This was why they had not been in a hurry to attack.

As it turned out, while Dorothy and Elvinia had been fighting Mount, Chaim and Milo were trying to come up with a solution.

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