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   Chapter 3426 Be Prepared To Die

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The Pear Hill was a formidable group, and no one ever underestimated them. Yet it still shocked many when Yan was able to blow Khalid away in a single move.

After all, Khalid was the best talent of the Bearing race. Perhaps he had been careless because he underestimated Yan. But it was still difficult to comprehend how easily she had overpowered him.

Yan didn't miss a beat. Immediately after repelling Khalid, she flipped and shot up into the air, heading in the direction where Mya and Mount had landed.

"What a woman..."

A wicked smile formed on Mya's face. Her curly hair seemed to expand, framing her face like a dark cloud as it enveloped Yan.

Her beautiful curls looked soft and glossy, but they contained a terrible killing intent.

Once Yan got entangled in her curls, she would have at least a hundred ways to tear Yan into pieces.

Yan, however, had no fear in her expression as she confronted Mya's black cloud of hair. She counterattacked boldly and directly.

"The Truth of Holy Words!"




As soon as Yan uttered the word "break," Mya's hair was cut into pieces flying haphazardly in all directions.

Would it be this easy to break Mya's hair?

With a flash in mind, Mya seemed to infuse her broken hairs with a kind of spirit. They began flying back towards each other, forming another cloud-like mass. They were about to return to Mya when Yan said, "Split!" Her command shattered the spirit animating the hairs, and the broken strands fell apart, no longer connected.

When Yan spoke the word "slash", Mya began to tremble with fear. She could feel a sharp slashing force coming from the void. If it hit her, she would be killed undoubtedly.

Before the blow landed, she felt someone grab her and jerk her backwards. It was Mount. "You're no match for her. Let me help you," he said.

Mount quickly stood in front of Mya as the invisible slashing force slashed at him.

Mount stayed calm. He stood still, his body glowing with a ray of khaki light, as he punched the air at a strange angle.


When Yan heard the booming sound, she realized that her "slash" command had failed. Mount had easily fended off the slashing attack.

"You're no match for me. Don't waste your time," Mount said, looking down at Yan.

In the Chaotic Source World, the struggles were fierce between various races, but almost everyone made an effort to avoid facing Mount.

But after all, the Chaotic Source World was created by the

e and the Pear Hill could defeat this man.

The Evil God was not sure how he himself would fare against Mount.

But he had been hiding in the dark for a long period of time. If he seized this opportunity, he might have a chance...

Mount looked around at the assembled warriors. He shook his head and said to Yan, "It's not that I don't want to let him go. It's just that—well, he has completely disappeared."

Yan heard only his refusal. "So you won't release Zen?" she asked, squinting. A ray of dangerous light shone from her eyes.

Mount pressed his lips together. "As I said, I can't release him because he's gone."

"Since you can't release him, you'd better be prepared to die," said Elvinia icily, her cold nature on full display. If Mount was telling the truth, and Zen was gone, it would be something she was not prepared to accept.

Auras burst out all around Mount as the others released their energy. Many disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace as well as members of the Snake Goddess race activated their Other Shore Tokens.

The negotiation had failed, and it was time to go into battle.

Mount had an impenetrable poker face, and his expression did not change as everyone around him prepared to attack. He looked around coolly at the people surrounding him. "If you attack me, then you will die. It's really very simple. I will kill everyone except her," he said, pointing a finger at Yan.

His words sounded like a warning, but there was a hidden message embedded in them

The message was not intended for the warriors surrounding him in the Chaotic Source World, nor was it for the leaders waiting outside. Instead, it was for Fuxi.

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