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   Chapter 3425 Deletion

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The strong hurricane beat against Mount and Maya harshly, but they continued to fly high.

The mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits attempted to pull the two down, but every time she pulled Mya's hair, her hair grew even longer.

Therefore, it was impossible for the mother to exert any more strength, and naturally she couldn't pull the two down.

"Hoo, hoo, Hoo..."

"Uncle Mount, is that guy dead?" Mya asked curiously in the hurricane.

"Theoretically, he is dead," Mount answered flatly.

Mya was a bit confused. "Theoretically? What do you mean?"

"When that part of the space was folded, I exiled him," Mount replied.

Mya pursed her lips and asked again, "It's not difficult to exile someone in the space, and such a method is not fatal, right? Can you kill him?"

able opponents as well.

The worst thing was the fact that the hurricane had swept away all the members of the Bearing race. It would take them a long time to come back from tens of thousands of miles away.

Just as Khalid was rushing towards the mother, a petite figure blocked his way.

It was Yan. Her long hair fluttered in the wind and a layer of crimson energy floated around her black locks. Her small face was devoid of any emotion.

"Hey, little girl..." Khalid mocked. He did not take Yan seriously at all.

The moment he finished speaking, however, Yan shouted angrily, "Scram!"

The word was like a hammer that pounded hard on Khalid's chest.

The impact sent Khalid flying tens of thousands of feet away, until he fell heavily on the ground and coughed up blood.

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