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   Chapter 3423 Driving Them Away

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Under everyone's gaze, Zen seemed to glide as though his body was a piece of light paper.

While the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits had great strength, she was too clumsy to capture even the creatures of small races, let alone Zen who moved that fast.

Dorothy's eyes flashed with satisfaction.

It was crucial for Zen to make such a move. The Oneness Sky Palace would probably lose their chance completely otherwise.

Even the leaders outside the Chaotic Source World were attracted by Zen's figure.

They never had been through such a strong hurricane and had no clue how terrifying it actually was.

But even the Divine Lair's demon women and the races that could fly well kept away from it—clearly, the hurricane was something no one wanted to get caught up in.

But Zen seemed so free in the winds. It should be because he relied on the jade-like feather. However, no one there knew where the feather had come from.


As Zen fought the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, a voice message with life vitality resounded in his ear—it was from Chaim.

"Zen, lead her to the Bearing race," he suggested.

The Bearing race, along with the three other major races, had exerted their strength in attacking the Oneness Sky Palace's disciples, including Milo. Almost all the disciples that remained had been attacked by these four races. In spite of the great number of disciples they eliminated, they left no evidence behind.

It was the perfect opportunity to get their revenge—how could they just let it pass?

"That's exactly what I was thinking!"

In the hurricane, Zen turned around and flew straight toward the members of the Bearing race.

They, along with the New Moon race, shared the same array, while the Sun Crow race and the Divine Farmer race occupied one array each.

Seeing Zen heading toward them, Khalid and the rest understood his intent immediately.

He wanted to take advantage of the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits to drive them away!

"You brat! How dare you!"

"If you dare come any closer, I will kill you!"

"Do you want to die?"

The members of the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race cursed at the sight of Zen's move.

Nearby, the Separate Abyss people were mocking them—they were pleased t

race darkened. They spread their wings and flew away along with the hurricane.

Suddenly, Zen's figure stopped midair as he looked to the left. Now, only the Divine Farmer race remained in the array.

The leaders of the Bearing race, the Sun Crow race, and the Divine Farmer race all twisted their faces in anger.

They had curated an entire plan, even sending out the hit list in the hopes of killing Zen and Elvinia. But it was to no avail—they even suffered many losses because of Zen.

Elizabeth, in particular, was staring intently at Zen as though she was ready to swallow him alive.

In the array, Mount stood still. When he saw Zen fly over, he shut his eyes and steadily said, "All of you, get out."

The rest of the Divine Farmer race nodded before heading out of the array.

"Uncle Mount, what about me?" Mya took a seat to the side and asked.

"Just help me," Mount replied.

Mya's eyes glittered at that.

She knew that sooner or later, Mount would be fighting Zen and the man called Evil God.

Mount was a sedate man who often looked at the bigger picture. Before gaining the confidence to win, he first chose to dodge.

But now, he couldn't bear it.

"Okay!" With a mischievous smile, Mya caressed her curly locks and raised them up.

When Zen stepped out of the array with the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits following him, Mya's curly hair extended outside the array and transformed into thin, steel needles. They shot right at the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits.

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