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   Chapter 3421 No Way Out

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The moment they stepped into the arrays, as if triggering a sensor, the runes carved in the ground glowed with golden light. As a result, a protective oval-shaped light barrier enveloped everyone to safeguard them.

The disciples from the various races had the right to walk in and out of the light barrier. However, everything in the Chaotic Source World that remained outside would be blocked from entering it. That included hurricanes and the Chaotic Source Spirits.


When most people made their way safely inside the arrays, the hurricane in the Chaotic Source World rose once more with destructive intentions.

Unfortunately, some people had failed to seek refuge in the arrays in time to avoid the approaching calamity. As a result, they were carried away by the hurricane for tens of thousands of miles without pause.

Still, in an infuriated state, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits broke her way through the hurricane and advanced forward.

The plan of the giant eye was so ridiculous that it had cost the lives of almost all of her kind. It failed so horribly that she was the sole survivor among the members of her race.

The only thing on her mind now was to exact revenge by killing as many people as she saw fit.

But those people were like troublesome mice. As soon as the hurricane raged their way, they fled into the arrays to protect them against it.

The Chaotic Source Spirits had little to no knowledge about the arrays. Over the years, they had made numerous attempts to destroy them, but they were all for naught as the arrays were carved in the void.

Once the arrays were triggered to activate, the following light barrier that formed was able to withstand heavy amounts of force.

The mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits had also tried to tear down the light barrier, but it was unsuccessful every time.

However, the scenario had changed later. Over the past ten years, the mother had fused with many other Chaotic Source Spirits, and her strength had far surpassed her previous limitations.

With wide strides and the intentions to kill, she made her way towards the nearest array.

"The mother of Chaotic Source Spirits is coming!"

"She's headed our way!"

"Don't panic! These arrays are the work of powerful masters in the Source World. They are practically indestructible!"

The people stationed inside the array under threat were the members of the River Spirit race. They inhabited the area by the riverside. Similar to the Snake Goddess race, their body was a hybrid of a human and a snake. However, they had scales for feet and tentacles on their faces; their bodies overflowed with energy.

The River Spirit race had high hopes attached to the array. They believed in it to be able to withstand heavy amounts of damage without a hitch.

When the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits reached the array that was closest to her, she stationed herself directly behind it. With anger fuming from every breath she took, she raised her strong foot and stomped hard on the array with malicious intents.

Watching this unfold, the members of the River

y believe those arrays could protect you from me!? I will show you what despair feels like!"

"Bang Bang Bang..."

With large steps, she paced towards the next array.

This array was occupied by members from small races.

As they witnessed the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits approach them, their faces turned as white as a sheet as they held their breaths.

They were smart enough to not repeat the same mistake the River Spirit race made. Before the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits could destroy the barrier, they had planned to move out of it.

Soon, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits ran for a few steps before she leaped in the air and landed directly on the array.

At the same time, the people inside the array rushed out before they were crushed.


This light barrier also perished under the strength of the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits.

Fortunately, their quick thinking helped the members of the small races to avoid being stepped on by her.

However, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits was sharp-witted. She had foreseen their intentions to escape the array. Once they stepped out, they would be carried away by the hurricane.

Adjusting to the circumstances, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits slapped her hand in the direction of the hurricane. The pressure of the hurricane had made it hard for the warriors to resist and move freely. With pitiful eyes and helpless bodies, they watched the huge palm cover them up and slam them hard on the ground.

"Bang Bang Bang..."

With a series of dull thuds, more than a dozen bloodied bodies fell lifelessly on the ground. The desolate ground was painted a wild red with their blood spraying over from all directions.

The traumatizing sight of these people made the survivors in the remaining arrays hyperventilate. They began to huddle up and discuss strategies to escape unscathed.

However, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits was not prepared to allow them the luxury of time. She turned around frantically and rushed towards the third array.

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