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   Chapter 3420 Ganging Up

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Ever since the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace had entered the Chaotic Source World, several large races like the Bearing race, Divine Farmer race, and the Sun Crow race had been constantly hostile towards them.

These races had offended Zen many times, but now they just wanted to end the matter so easily.

"What do you want?" Mount stared at him and calmly asked. "Leave the lives of these three to us.

Or, take out an equivalent amount of Chaotic Source Spirits," Zen answered.

After the huge Chaotic Source Spirit had been killed, they gained a total of more than two thousand Chaotic Source Spirits--which was enough for ten people to receive Chaotic Source Reinforcement.

What Zen had meant was to ask the Divine Farmer race to take out another more than two thousand Chaotic Source Spirits.

The three warriors were baffled upon hearing Zen's request. Paying an extra amount of more than two thousand Chaotic Source Spirits was even more painful than killing them!

"This is way too much!"

"You want us to pay so many Chaotic Source Spirits as a compensation?

Isn't this robbery?"

"No way!" the three warriors said indignantly.

Even Mount, who was calm before, now scowled at Zen.

The warriors of the Divine Farmer race had previously worked together to kill a Chaotic Source Spirit, and it was true that they obtained more than two thousand crystals from it. All of the crystals were in Mount's hands. He indeed had the ability to pay the compensation Zen asked.

The Divine Farmer race, however, also had many members. If he gave their Chaotic Source Spirits to Zen, then there would be ten people in their race who would lose the chance to receive Chaotic Source Reinforcement. It was a big loss for them.

Still, Zen's expression did not change at all.

Everyone was currently seizing the chance to kill the Chaotic Source Spirits, and no one would want to waste time.

Then again, what had been said was like water that had been spilled. If the Divine Farmer race didn't want to pay, then Zen would show no mercy.

Although Yan didn't say anything, she stood beside Zen.

Her brother's enemy would also be her enemy, and she represented the Snake Goddess race.

If Mount fought here, then the Pear Hill would also be automatically involved.

Mount was not an indecisive person. Within about ten seconds, he had already weighed the pros and cons and knew what to do.

Since it wasn't the right time to think about the matter too much, he made a decision on the spot. With a flip of his hand, the light of his space ring flashed, and the Chaotic Source Spirits in the space ring spilled out and piled up on the ground.

, Sun Crow race, Divine Farmer race, Snake Goddess race, and so on were all fighting with this mother.

The Sun Crows turned into golden flames and circled around the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits. From time to time, golden sparks flashed on the mother's body.

Yet even though so many warriors surrounded and attacked the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, she didn't show any signs of fatigue. In fact, she was still ferocious as ever!

After all, she had rested for many years and thus, her strength had grown into a terrifying level.

"All of you! Go to hell!"

Her eyes were full of hatred. How she wished she could swallow all these damn creatures!

Although these creatures were weak and very small in size, they were cunning as mosquitoes as they flew around. The mother chased after them relentlessly, but the warriors flexibly dodged all of her attacks.

After Zen had led the Oneness Sky Palace disciples to kill two Chaotic Source Spirits in a row, he shifted his attention to the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits.

Of course, they were determined to get a share of the crystals inside the body of the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits.

Just then, the dark smog in the sky loomed over them once more. "The hurricane is coming again?" Zen muttered, and his gaze froze.

Everyone else were also filled with dread when they saw the surging black smog.

No one knew where they would be blown to when the hurricane came.

Meanwhile, the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits was not afraid of the hurricane.

As for the warriors, they would definitely die if they hid underground.

Someone still kept a level head and shouted, "Hide in the arrays!"

Like a trail of disturbed ants, everyone scattered and scurried towards the arrays.

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