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   Chapter 3419 Return

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The figures of the three brothers from the Divine Farmer race were blurred, which made them look like ghosts floating in the air.

The techniques the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace had used before just passed through their bodies without affecting them.

The Shadow Realm, however, had a big flaw. They needed to maintain a subtle balance with the help of the Dark Realm Stone. The balance could get broken if they weren't careful, which was why they moved carefully and at an incredibly slow pace.

Like a mere pebble thrown into a lake, the green starlight was so weak that it could not cause any real harm to the warriors at the Other Shore Realm.

However, it did not pass through their bodies like other people's attacks. Instead, it hit the three brothers.


The second the starlight bloomed, the three figures were shattered like broken glass. The surface of their bodies broke into numerous cracks and fragments.

After the fragments fell from the surface of their bodies, they stumbled out of the Shadow Realm.

The three of them obviously didn't expect that a bit of ordinary looking starlight could cause such an effect.

Even Elvinia, Dorothy, and the others were speechless in shock. After all, the Falling Star Palm's power was so weak that nobody really paid attention to it. It was unbelievable that it could deflate the Shadow Realm so easily.

"It is about the energy level," whispered Chaim. Truthfully, he was more confused than anyone else.

He didn't feel any Other Shore Power when Zen had released the starlight, but he saw Zen summon a green cubic crystal.

That crystal was not the internal momentum of the Godly Way, nor was it visualized with life vitality. The only possible answer was that it was Zen's blood power.

Yet, the blood power could only reach level three. Some weak blood power was at the same energy level as the internal momentum of the Godly Way. Zen's was different, so what kind of blood did he have?

That was only Chaim's guess by instinct, but it was very close to the truth.

But if his memory served him right, it was impossible for many super forces to have such a high level of blood power.

The three brothers were also dumbfounded.

They were

ogant once again.

The Divine Farmer race wasn't afraid of the Oneness Sky Palace. Moreover, they had the full support of the Bearing race, the Sun Crow race and more. If these disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace dared to coerce them, they would only bring about their own destruction.

Yet when Ismail, the eldest of the three brothers, was about to taunt Elvinia, Mount asked them to return the Chaotic Source Spirits.

"Why? We are not afraid of them!" Ismail refused, defiance written all over his face. Zen, Yan, Elvinia, Dorothy, and the others looked at them grimly.

A murderous look flashed across their eyes. It seemed that it was useless to talk to these men.

"Just do what I say! Stop talking nonsense!" an enraged Mount suddenly yelled.

The younger generation of the Divine Farmer race was very afraid of Mount, but he was very gentle in manner. No one had ever seen him lose his temper before.

The three brothers felt their hearts sink when they felt Mount's anger. They quickly poured out the Chaotic Source Spirits from their space rings.

Ismail was reluctant to return the Chaotic Source Spirits, but he dared not disobey Mount.

Just as Mount was about to leave with the three brothers, Zen coldly said, "That's all? Do you think this thing is settled after you've returned the Chaotic Source Spirits?"

In turn, Mount stared at Zen blankly while the three brothers angrily said, "We have given back the Chaotic Source Spirits. What else do you want?"

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