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   Chapter 3418 The Energy Levels

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If the three brothers from the Divine Farmer race entered the magic array, it would be all the Oneness Sky Palace disciples could do to watch them helplessly.

There, they could safely refine the Chaotic Source Spirits and even give the extras to other people of their race.

In the state of the Shadow Realm, the brothers moved very slowly.

But no matter how much the Oneness Sky Palace people attacked them, they remained unaffected. It was only a matter of time before they entered the array.

Dorothy, Elvinia, and the others used a number of methods to attack them, but to no avail. Everyone's faces fell.

"It's no use!" The tallest of the brothers burst into laughter as he boasted.

"Your energy levels are not nearly high enough to deflate the Shadow Realm," murmured Chaim, who remained relatively calm.

"What energy levels?" Elvinia asked with a long face.

For a moment, Chaim examined the brothers before continuing, "All the forces in the chaos can be regarded as the flow of energy. But the energy itself can vary from high to low."

Although Chaim wasn't an expert, he knew the different energy levels.

Life vitality was the lowest level of energy. All warriors in the Source World and creatures in the inner worlds could easily use it.

When condensed to its extreme, life vitality became the Godly Way. Its internal momentum then turned into the second level of energy, flowing much faster than the first.

The power of the Other Shore Tokens belonged to the third level of energy—the most popular one among masters in the Source World.

But the Other Shore Tokens had all sorts of strange abilities. Those of mysterious type, most especially, could reach higher energy levels. The Shadow Realm wasn't particularly difficult to deflate so long as one could touch or even just affect it. If anyone managed to do so, the realm would perish instantly.

Some Other Shore Tokens could boast about unique abilities, including deflating the Shadow Realm.

Unfortunately, the Oneness Sky Palace disciples present carried no such power. All they could do was watch as the three brothers slowly drifted away.


y more Truth Crystals. As a result, the pure power of the Falling Star Palm wasn't quite enough.

The trio had no idea about this Truth Crystal, but they didn't perceive any special kind of power from it. It didn't faze them in the least.

As Zen lowered his hand, a green vortex appeared above their heads.

It continued swirling until a ray of green starlight fell over them.

Seeing the power of the Falling Star Palm, Zen smiled bitterly within. Indeed, it was too weak with the use of only one Truth Crystal.

When the others saw the starlight, they didn't take it seriously either. It was far weaker than their own strength.

But when the warriors at the gate of the Chaotic Source World saw the green energy, their expressions hardened.

"This is…"

"The energy of truth level?"

"It's weak, but it's genuine."

Most of the leaders had figured out the energy level of the Falling Star Palm.

When Athemar saw it, his jaw slacked a bit in shock. Subconsciously, he looked over at Winchell.

They definitely hadn't expected Zen to be carrying such a trick under his sleeve.

What did Zen have to do with the Chaos Ancient God?

Standing atop the snowy mountain, Fuxi kept his expression calm when he saw the green light from the Falling Star Palm. He had already known about it since he was at the bottom of the chaos.

It wasn't a surprise to see Zen use such a move to get rid of the Shadow Realm.

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