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   Chapter 3417 Snatch

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In the chaotic situation, another Chaotic Source Spirit fell. As the Chaotic Source Spirits swallowed each other, the one that devoured the others strengthened itself each time.

But they weren't moving all that quickly despite their amazing defensive power. So they could only be moving targets in the face of the outstanding warriors and talents of various races.

A member of the Moon Spirit race was covered with a faint curtain of light.

The light curtain twisted the light, allowing the warrior to hide herself completely.

With that, it was difficult to detect her existence without using spiritual sense.

When she saw the Chaotic Source Spirit fall, she flew across the air sharply and quickly. Then, she reached out and stuffed a bunch of amber-colored crystals into her space ring.

Over 300 crystals were in her possession now, according to her count. With so many crystals, it was enough for her to reach the Chaotic Source Realm.

Her brother was still inside an array. It was too dangerous outside, after all. This time, she could give him over a hundred Chaotic Source Spirits.

Overjoyed, the member of the Moon Spirit race rushed toward the nearby array.

Entering it meant absolute safety. Moreover, no one had sensed her existence in the chaos.

When the array was only about a hundred feet away, a great black shadow enveloped her.

Sensing that something was wrong, she raised her head on instinct.

A huge member of the Separate Abyss race descended from the sky. The large brown hammer in his hand then released the formidable Other Shore Power as he struck.


The Moon Spirit warrior's body was smashed into pieces. The Separate Abyss man reached out and grabbed her space ring. Then he threw all its contents on the floor, and collected all the crystals before stepping into the array.

Hiding in the array, the Moon Spirit warrior's brother was wide-eyed in shock at the scene.

The Separate Abyss man glared at the boy with disdain as he scolded, "We're the ones who killed the Chaotic Source Spirit! How dare you snatch them from us!"

If it weren't for the array's protection, the Separate Abyss man would have killed the boy without hesitation.

In the presence of the super forces, the small races were weaker

omething like a cage with an astonishing ray of sword radiance. It mixed with the divine flames of the Sun Crow race. With its glowing aura, it attacked the three brothers head-on.

Elvinia wasn't alone—Dorothy, employing the Origin swordsmanship, Hutton, Sally, the other Nine Li warriors, and even some disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace also attacked the trio.

The three were known to be powerful in the Divine Farmer race. While they might not have been as strong as Mount and Mya, they were still second to them.

With the confidence they had in their skills, they were daring enough to snatch the Chaotic Source Spirits right in front of the Oneness Sky Palace's people.

"Shadow Realm!"

The leader of the three brothers patted his head lightly, making a dark gem pop and rotate out of it.

As the gem spun, their bodies turned somewhat vague.

"The Dark Realm Stone?" Chaim raised his brows at the reveal.

The stone was a mysterious type of Other Shore Token. Once it was activated, it could allow itself and the people around it to enter a unique state where all attacks were rendered useless.


Countless rays of sword radiance pierced through their bodies and shot out. After a slight wobble, the three brothers were completely unharmed.

The sight had the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace wide-eyed in shock.

All of the three men from the Divine Farmer race had smug smiles on their faces. "Let's go!" said their leader. "We'll be safe once we enter the array!"

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