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   Chapter 3416 The Seal

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Facing the Evil God in a chaotic war was definitely not the wisest choice.

He was able to slaughter his way across the Chaotic Source World after all, and not just because he depended on the Ways-blending Energy

According to the man from the Separate Abyss race, the Evil God had the ability to descend a world but hadn't used such a powerful trump card yet.

The giant eye released its overwhelming power of fear, which was a threat to everyone. Eliminating this threat was the most urgent at the moment.

Meanwhile, Zen was determined to get the arc light in the Evil God's hand.

The giant eye felt extremely depressed.

It let out the force of fear in order to help the Chaotic Source Spirits. On the other hand, this, coupled with the giant sword created from the Evil God's Ways-blending Energy, would no doubt help in getting rid of Zen.

Since there was no way it could take their physical bodies, the giant eye focused on self-preservation instead.

Yan's alertness and willingness to protect Zen came as a complete shock along with the explosion of Evil God's sword strike. Just what in the world was going on?

Without any idea what to do and with its hope running out fast, the giant eye turned around and entered the main peak.

Seeing this, Zen promptly changed his direction and threw a punch towards the outer wall of the main peak, creating a big hole from which he and Yan entered.

The place where the giant eye and Zen entered was in the upper part of the main peak.

Multiple traps had been set here previously by the giant eye, along with the engraved sculptures that littered the walls.

As soon as Zen and Yan entered, all of the sculptures' eyes flashed dark red and the giant eye's force of fear surged, enveloping them almost instantly.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

All around them were glinting, dark red eyes that threatened to subdue them.

"Go mad!"

Zen understood the giant eye's actions. It was no doubt getting desperate.

When the force of fear was amped up to maximum, it had the ability to drown its opponent's mind and disorder their Memory Flame. It could wash away all memories and leave behind a singular emotion: fear. A man who only knew fe

more hope to its situation.

Just as the eye began to burn, the cyan silk cloth from Yan flew and wrapped itself tightly around it.

Zen didn't notice Yan arrive beside him. She picked up the cyan silk cloth and flicked her fingers. "Seal!" With her command, the cyan silk cloth completely sealed the troublesome giant eye.

"I'll give this to the Pear Hill," she told Zen who nodded in understanding.

Yan stretched out a dainty finger and tapped her space ring, sucking the sealed giant eye into it.

One of her established tasks had been to deal with the Dreaded Eye Demon and she had now accomplished it.

The Pear Hill was greatly interested in the eye and Yan will be delivering it to Fuxi.

Had it been anyone else, Zen would never allow them to take this giant eye, but Yan was different. He couldn't refuse her.

With the eye dealt with, they turned their attention back to the deafening roars from outside. The two of them exchanged a nod. "Let's go!"

The bloody lines the giant eye had drawn were now completely gone and everyone could move freely.

Some Chaotic Source Spirits relentlessly hunted down the Ear Mice who, when they could no longer defend themselves, sought refuge in the arrays. The Chaotic Source Spirits could do nothing as the Ear Mice hid from them.

Several large Chaotic Source Spirits had also broken down, bursting in piles of amber-colored crystals that were immediately grabbed by multiple hands from various races.

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