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   Chapter 3415 The Flaws Of The Chaos

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It was true that the Evil God had merged more Godly Ways than Zen ever had.

He only needed one more Godly Way to completely finish the cause. It was unbelievable for him to achieve this with his current cultivation base.

If this happened before, Zen probably would have waited before doing anything, just to see what the Godly Ways Great Unity could produce.

However, with the help of the Regal Jade Spirit, Zen had already grasped that the chaos was imperfect.

Among the three flaws, Zen obtained one through the Regal Jade Civilization. He was able to claim the Blood Essence Godly Way, but the remaining two were still a mystery to him.

After his son, Geoffrey, deciphered and interpreted the Sanskrit word formed by blood vitality, he gathered some clues for his search. The Regal Jade Spirit had guessed that one of the flaws stood close to the Element Spirit race, otherwise known as the second civilization. But the exact existence was still unknown.

Little did he know that the Evil God had already gotten a flaw!

He also didn't know if the power within the arc light was a gift from the Black Ship to the Evil God or he obtained it from the Other Shore.

The Evil God was a proud, arrogant being, who was very keen on showing the unique energy he had obtained.

For him, Godly Ways Great Unity was just round the corner.

The only thing that bothered him was that his energy had a way of clashing with the Thunderstorm Godly Way.

He attempted over a million times, with no success whatsoever.

He removed the Thunderstorm Godly Way and placed the arc light together with the other Godly Ways. In this way, the three thousand Godly Ways stabilized to his advantage.

The reverse of this also worked wonders. However, the moment the two forces were added to the Godly Ways at the same time, the Ways-blending Energy would collapse.

The arc light proved to be a form of thunder, one that was violent and difficult to control. That was what made it so incompatible with the Thunderstorm Godly Way.

All things considered, the Evil God had tried all methods only to meet failure.

He even attempted to use the Other Shore Power in order to suppress and force the two thunder energies to merge. However, like all of his trials, this fa

less, you fools!" As the Evil God chuckled, he swung his huge sword across the air, leaving a trail of colors before waving it towards Zen's head.

Just then, a red circle of light spread out, and the force of fear from it began to attack the Evil God.

The highly condensed Ways-blending Energy was extremely unstable. Affected by the force of fear, the Evil God couldn't control the Ways-blending Energy. Just like that, it exploded, resembling a huge, blazing sun.

With the amount of energy that had been released, even the Evil God himself would have to suffer if attacked by it. At the expense of his energy, he tried to suppress the fear and flew backward, giving him a chance to dodge.

Yan, with the silk cloth in one hand, gently sprinkled the Braveness Rain across Zen's body to remove the force of fear. "I didn't ask my brother to watch out for you," she mumbled.

The Evil God calmed himself down as much as he could before turning his head.

The eye was restrained by the silk cloth in Yan's hand. He couldn't defeat the eye alone.

He stood no chance against Zen and the force of fear of the eye.

Clenching his teeth, he turned around and dashed to the side of the main peak without another word.

"Brother, must we chase after him?" asked Yan, staring at the black figure that grew smaller the farther it went.

"Do you honestly think that eye will help us?" Zen shot a question back at her, smiling.

"No." Yan shook her head.

"Then we take that eye down first," Zen said.

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