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   Chapter 3414 The Second Flaw

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The bright scorching sun shone high up in the sky. All of a sudden, it disappeared.

The light that was shining upon Zen a moment ago vanished in an instant. With that, a strange expression flickered in his eyes.

The Evil God raised his hand gently. The diamond-shaped pieces created from the Ways-blending Energy assembled together and danced upon his palm.

The light of the pieces shimmered. It was a beautiful and splendid thing to behold. However, it was also extremely dangerous.

"I have to thank you for your help. You have given me an opportunity to practice the Ways-blending Energy to this extent," said the Evil God with a wry smile. "As far as I know, there are not a lot of Godly Ways found within common people's inner worlds."

Zen remained silent for a while.

He did not care about the Evil God's words. He was most interested in the Ways-blending Energy instead.

Three thousand was not always the exact number. Different masters had different methods of summarizing Godly Ways.

The three thousand Godly Ways Zen and the Evil God had practiced was summarized by Chiyou.

Both Zen and the Evil God were quite accustomed to using these three thousand Godly Ways.

However, Zen found something unique in the Ways-blending Energy now. There was a gleam of faint white arc light among the pieces.

But because the white arc light only occupied one three-thousandth of the Ways-blending Energy, Zen could not clearly make sense what it was.

What did the Evil God put into the Ways-blending Energy?

The Evil God noticed that Zen was gazing at the Ways-blending Energy. Seeing this, he broke into an even bigger smile. "Are you wondering why my Ways-blending Energy is so powerful?"

"Yes," Zen replied with all honesty. He was really intrigued by what he saw.

"It's because the three thousand Godly Ways you pride yourself in are flawed. Hahaha..." The Evil God laughed wildly and continued, "Today I will show you something completely extraordinary, so that you may know what the perfect Ways-blending Energy truly is!"

He spread out both of his hands and the diamond-shaped Ways-blending Energy spread like the wings. This display of power was remarkable.

The structure of the Ways-blending Energy was extremely complicated. Its current state was very unpredictable and unstable but it seemed rather mutable. Moreover, the power contained within it was awfully terrifying.

"Yan, retreat!" Zen ordered at once. There was no time to waste.

Yan held the silk cloth with one hand while she made a gesture with the other.

The power of the Ways-blending Energy was indeed terrifying but Yan believed she had the power to withstand it.

Nevertheless, Zen's tone was very serious. Yan pursed her lips but chose to f

on is, where did this guy get this energy?"

Fuxi was absolutely stumped.

Many years ago, people thought that the Ways-blending Energy was the original energy. Once the energy of three thousand Godly Ways was fully merged, even the truth-level theurgies wouldn't be able to match it.

Lots of supreme masters took severe painstaking efforts for countless years to perfect this. Yet, they still failed to merge the energy of three thousand Godly Ways. Finally, Fuxi, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and the others concluded that the Ways-blending Energy was impossible to complete.

The Evil God's gaze was fixed on Zen. He kept watching him as he launched his attack.

He wanted to see the look of astonishment and disbelief on Zen's face.

However, he was completely disappointed. Zen's expression remained impassive. After a while, Zen finally opened his mouth to speak. "If I were you, I would not make this energy public," he said in a calm manner.

"Do you think I'm as cowardly as you are? Don't make me laugh," the Evil God mocked Zen.

"After all, you are not able to complete the Ways-blending Energy either," Zen continued as he shook his head. "But because you have exposed this energy now, people will only covet it."

"Haha! I can't complete the Ways-blending Energy?" The Evil God's face broke into a proud smile. "I have already merged two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Godly Ways, including this one. I only need the Thunderstorm Godly Way now. I am one step away from completion!"

As the Evil God spoke, he stared arrogantly at Zen. However, there wasn't any sign of admiration or surprise on Zen's face.

Zen retained his calm demeanor. He replied, "Clearly, you have done a great job. Nevertheless, you will never be able to take that final step because the Ways-blending Energy has more than one flaw."

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