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   Chapter 3412 Cyan Silk Cloth

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After the giant eye released blood lines that enveloped everyone who was present, it released a message through its consciousness.

"Why don't you take action?" the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits roared angrily after receiving the message.

Meanwhile, the other huge Chaotic Source Spirits that had been staying on the main peak leapt up and flew towards all the warriors.

Although many races had temporarily allied themselves with other races, no one wanted to sacrifice themselves. That was why they all retreated to the edge of the blood lines.

The only thing was that the area that the blood lines covered had the radius of only a hundred thousand feet. With the Chaotic Source Spirits moving at such a high speed, they could surely arrive in just a blink of an eye!

At that point, Hamzah shouted, "The members of the Separate Abyss race! Listen to me!"

He knew that things wouldn't end well for them if they retreated constantly. Right now, what they could do was to fight those powerful Chaotic Source Spirits to the end.

Under Hamzah's command, all the members of the Separate Abyss race took out their Other Shore Tokens and pulled out their weapons. The Chaotic Source Spirits were flying fast, and they would come any minute now.


Two Separate Abyss men pulled out their huge hammers. One of them jumped up while the other lay prone on the ground.

Two strange cones floated above their heads. The cones were a pair that were used together. Once the two Separate Abyss men carried the cones simultaneously and cooperated with each other, the cones increased the Other Shore Power they released by multiple times.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Both sides were formidable opponents. The blood red Chaotic Source Spirit in front of them had a very large size, while the two members of the Separate Abyss race were also tall and strong.

The two big hammers launched an attack together and unleashed an unimaginable amount of power!

Just as the two men from the Separate Abyss race were about to hit the Chaotic Source Spirit, a red light from somewhere not too far away shot towards them and hit their heads.


At that moment, the two men began feel afraid. Their faces paled and their hearts pounded erratically in their chests.


As the two of them were trapped by the power of fear, the Chaotic Source Spirit opened its bloody mouth wide.

"Crack! Crack!"

It all happened so fast that there was only a mere snapping sound, and the heads of the two men were gone.

"No!" Hamzah screamed.

He quickly ran towards them to help his companions, but it was obviously too late for him to do that now.

In a fit of rage, he activated his power. His skin turned red, as if numerous para

that was one thousand feet wide.

Nevertheless, the huge, ten thousand-foot-tall mother kept moving and attacking within the limited area. Everyone began to feel anxious and stressed.

The warriors who were in fierce battles with the other Chaotic Source Spirits ran away when the attacks were near.

Still, the power of fear descended from time to time and trapped two or three men. Those unlucky warriors were either eaten or crushed by the mother.

Some members of the Oneness Sky Palace, the Snake Goddess race, the Ear Mouse race, the Bearing race, and even the Sun Crow race got attacked as well. Within less than thirty seconds, about thirty warriors had died.

On the other hand, the giant eye was still floating in the sky. It kept on accumulating the red light and releasing it from its pupil.

If the huge eye continued its strikes at such a speed, then it and the mother would be able to kill everyone without much effort.

Of course, they would not kill those most important people.

Just then, the giant eye suddenly sensed two puffs of aura that came from behind it.

With a slight roll, its pupil had moved to the back and was greeted with the sight of Zen and Yan.

"How dare you attack me?!" the giant eye shrieked. It began to release its power of fear, but then a cyan silk cloth appeared in Yan's hand.

The silk cloth looked very exquisite, and had strange patterns on its surface.

As soon as the huge eye released the red light, Yan lightly shook the silk cloth.

The cloth deftly wiped away the power of fear that was shot towards them.

The members of the Pear Hill were already aware of the Dreaded Eye Demon's existence before, so they naturally gave the countermeasure to Yan. It was just that it was not appropriate for her to show this item before, so she only brought it out now.

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