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   Chapter 3409 Joining Hands For The Moment

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In the middle of the ring-shaped mountain range, some creatures had gathered in the arrays surrounding the main peak.

Not wanting to risk their lives, they didn't dare step outside of the arrays.

At least within the arrays, they could seek some shelter from the terrible hurricane.


Suddenly, the center of the main peak exploded in a cloud of smoke and dust.

The creatures huddled in the arrays widened their eyes in shock.

"What happened in the main peak?"

"Such strength!"

"It cracks! It cracks! The main peak is about to collapse!"

When the dust cleared, they saw a huge crack in the middle of the main peak, and it was growing rapidly.

The entire ring-shaped mountain range quaked as the cracks crawled towards its edges.

The main peak, which was up to a million feet high, slowly began to tilt to one side. The tip of the peak suddenly broke off, crashing into the east side of the ring-shaped mountain range, destroying that as well.

The creatures who were gathered in the arrays stood motionless before the scene that was unfolding, dumbfounded.

Only the other half of the main peak was left, rendering the once towering mountain now an almost flattened plain!

Naturally, the bystanders were stunned.

The Chaotic Source Spirits lurking in the upper part of the main peak began to stir as they sensed this change.

While they didn't know what was going on exactly, they couldn't calm down until the mother comforted them.

"Is this your plan?" the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits asked pointedly.

The giant eye floating inside the main peak began to emanate a depressed aura. It had just wanted the foolish young talents to take the bait. It had never expected that the creatures would not climb up the stairs-- instead, they had sliced off the main peak!

"Don't panic! They have to come inside if they want to take the Chaotic Source Spirits!" The giant eye reassured the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits through its consciousness.

After the collapse of the main peak, the force of fear that restrained people also disappeared.

All the races grew even more cautious. Besides, they couldn't lower their guard against the Evil God.

Zen stood in front of the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace and the members of the Snake Goddess race. In his inner world, the Eye of Will, the Strength God Totem and that Civilization Artifact quietly floated.

On the

"Didn't you say they would come in anyway?" the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits complained.

"Let the Chaotic Source Spirits fight against them for a bit," the giant eye advised.

"I've already sent them there. Although we can hold them off for a while, we will eventually be exhausted..." the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirit said dejectedly.

The half peak that had fallen to the ground was like a dead giant, suffering the attacks of the crowd.

Each stream of energy ruthlessly ripped open a piece of flesh of the giant.

However, as the Chaotic Source Spirits cruised inside the body of the peak, suddenly the entire main peak solidified into a smooth, shiny surface with no imperfections-- not even a hairline crack.

"It's the Chaotic Source Spirits!"

"They are in the rocks!"

"Dig them out!"

People cried out excitedly. They had all dug out several Chaotic Source Spirits before, so this was like a beacon of hope to them. Together, they attacked the rocks more fiercely.


Bang! Bang!


With so many people joining hands, an extremely terrifying amount of force was unleashed onto the peak.

Having been attacked mercilessly, the Chaotic Source Spirits lurking in the mountain quickly fell into a state of exhaustion. The originally solid mountain body began to buckle and crack again.

Yan was the quickest of them to notice. The moment she discovered a crack, she channeled the red threads of energy from the arms of the shadow of Snake Goddess to get into the crack. With a flick of her wrist, she pulled out more than a hundred Chaotic Source Spirits!

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