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   Chapter 3408 Break The Main Peak

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The force of fear swept like tidal waves over the Evil God.

As the Evil God struggled, bombarded by the full force of fear, his face twisted with pain and terror.

The force of fear was a special form of soul attack. Even the strongest souls had flawed hearts, and the force inevitably found the flaw and used it to release all the fear in their hearts.

Despite the rapid increase in the force of fear that attacked him, the Evil God managed to hold on for several seconds before he collapsed onto the ground.

The relationship between the races in the cave was a little complicated, but they all had one thing in common. Everyone hated the Evil God to the core.

Thus, the sight of the Evil God falling to the ground should have made them clap their hands and cheer. On the contrary, however, everyone was silent. Some looked solemn, while others wore expressions of deep wariness.

The Evil God had a powerful soul, but he couldn't resist the force of fear. How could they reach the upper part of the main peak?

After a while, the red light vanished.

Being punished by the force of fear, the Evil God finally calmed down after managing to stand up.

He said nothing, but his face was etched with grimness. He looked around him with eyes filled with suspicion and doubt.

The Evil God had seldom been beaten since he entered the Source World. He did not know who had employed the force of fear, but he vowed that he would find out and take his revenge.

"The force of fear is so strong. We are no match for whoever employed it. How can we continue to climb up?" someone asked in a worried tone.

Mount replied, "Even if we manage to climb up, we will find it difficult to defeat those Chaotic Source Spirits if we are suppressed by the force of fear."

The main peak was very dangerous to climb, even without taking any other factors into considerations. They also had the Chaotic Source Spirits to contend with. After these spirits swallowed each other, their strength increased significantly, and they posed a huge risk for anyone who dared to climb the main peak.

"We can't return empty-handed," someone said gloomily.

Everyone fell silent, wondering what would be the best course of action.

Yan had said that if they missed this opportunity, it would be impossible for any of them to reach the Chaotic Source Realm in the future.

No one was willing to turn back at this point without anything to show for it.

As they discussed the matter, they were interrupted by a sharp, cracking sound.

They looked up. The sound was coming from the top of the cave.

The sculptures on the roof of the cave seemed to have gotten loose, and cracks had appeared on the surface. Three staircases extended down fro

do as he said. But... I wonder if there is a hurricane outside now?"

He thought breaking the main peak was an excellent plan, but he worried that everyone would just be swept away by the hurricane if they did that.

"Some of my clansmen keep watch outside," said a nonhuman creature covered in something green. "The hurricane will stop at any moment."

Seeing that everyone was eager for action, the Evil God smirked. "Then let's get started. Remember, we only have one chance to do this right."

The Evil God and the others had all been conversing through their life vitality, so the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits and the giant eye at the top couldn't hear them.

The giant eye was narrowed in doubt. Through its consciousness, it said, "What are they waiting for? Why don't they go up the stairs?"

"They are cowards," said the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits contemptuously. Firmly she added, "But they won't give up this opportunity."

At that moment, the pupil of the giant eye suddenly shrank.

"Oh no!"

The scarlet force of fear spiraled in the pupil. However, before it could be released, a violent roar came from below.

The crowd eager to get to the top was comprised of a powerful and diverse group of warriors. Their combined power could not be underestimated.

Most of them could control a level of strength up to one thousand divine megatons. Some could easily control an even greater level of strength, especially those from the Separate Abyss race. By virtue of their perfect bodies, even if they did not reach the Chaotic Source Realm, the strength they exerted was comparable to that of the said realm.

A rumbling sound echoed as the main peak trembled.

A second later, the middle part of the main peak suddenly shook violently, as though it was being torn by an earthquake.

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