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   Chapter 3407 Shut Up

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The Evil God emerged from the passageway, greeting Zen with a smug smile.

Zen faced this creation of his with a look of indifference.

The Evil God was a creature born from his inner world so it was only a given that Zen knew everything about him.

From his birth to his growth, Zen knew every single detail.

All the information would gather together in his mind with only a single thought.

"You've made a big mistake," Zen hissed.

His creation merely continued smiling at him. "What is it?"

"You should've never used Dorothy to provoke me!" Zen snarled with white-hot rage.

Dorothy couldn't help but purse her lips.

She had fought with this creation of Zen's before and knew very well how terrifying he was.

The Evil God had chosen to spare her life at the last moment and Dorothy caught on pretty quickly as to why: he wanted to use her to provoke Zen.

She trusted Zen's strength wholeheartedly, but she didn't want him to get into this potentially dangerous fight just because of her. Moreover, the current situation was skewed to the Evil God's favor.

If Zen was defeated by the Evil God, he would only end in death.

It was nice to be saved by Zen but she wasn't as relieved as she should be. In fact, she was very worried.

Zen was wholly determined to fight for her and would not back down from this fight with the Evil God.

It warmed her heart but it was quickly overtaken with worry for Zen's life.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk..." The Evil God shook his head with a smile. "You seem really eager to destroy me."

"You never should've existed in the first place," Zen countered.

This creation of his was a freak and Zen was still at a loss as to how such a vile creature appeared in his inner world. Other people didn't seem to have this problem. Why him?

Did it have anything to do with the primitive land?

The Evil God let out a maniacal laugh. "My existence wasn't decided by you. Not even this round of chaos can decide my birth. I am destined to transcend everything while you..."

He paused to glare at Zen with his two evil eyes. "You are merely destined to be my stepping stone."

His daring insults caused the various races to frown.

There was truly no limit to the Evil God's arrogance.

Destined to transcend everything? Even if he came from the Black Ship, he was not qualified to say something like

vine Farmer race, the Pear Hill, and others. Even so, it proved to be extremely difficult even with the use of the Flow Swordsmanship.

Only a dozen sculptures were activated this time but it should be noted that the Evil God was taking it all by himself. This proved the incredible strength of his soul force.

Zen was definitely not going to let him do whatever he wanted outside the Chaotic Source World.

In fact, he was even more determined to put him right back into his inner world where he belonged.

They weren't the only ones astonished by this display of resilience. Even the giant eye on top of the cave was shocked. "Interesting! Interesting... Here comes another incredible talent, someone who can resist my power of fear!"

"Resist your power of fear?" the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits asked. "If you can't subdue him then wouldn't that mean trouble for us?"

For the past ten years, the Chaotic Source Spirits had been growing in power by devouring each other, as intended by the mother.

However, they all relied on the giant eye.

If it turned out that not even the giant eye could suppress the Evil God, then that was definitely going to be bad for them, which made the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits quite concerned.

"Humph!" the giant eye snorted in disdain through consciousness as the red light shone brighter.

More and more sculptures were activated, releasing waves upon waves of power of fear. All of it was directed at the Evil God, and even the people who were very close to the Evil God were not affected at all.

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