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   Chapter 3406 One Last Chance

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Everyone directed their gazes to the upper part of the cave. Two eyes-- the Dreaded Eye Demons flickered with red light.

They lingered for a long while before disappearing.

"What's going on?"

"Is that the Malicious Stare?"

"How could it be so powerful?"

The other races that entered the cave later hadn't experienced the soul-crushing fear. When they saw what happened to the two members of the Separate Abyss race, they were all shocked.

"Those are sculptures of the Dreaded Eye Demons!"

"The Malicious Stare is way too powerful. Is there a strong Dreaded Eye Demon in the main peak?"

"Then how can we climb the mountain?"

These people were experienced and knowledgeable. They not only recognized the sculptures on the walls, but also guessed that the main peak was guarded by a Dreaded Eye Demon.

At a loss for what to do, everyone turned to the Snake Goddess race.

Although the Icy Snow Province was open to the public, it was still under the control of the Pear Hill. The other super forces might not know what had happened in the Chaotic Source World, but the people of the Pear Hill must know something.

"What happened in the Chaotic Source World?"

"You should have let us know!"

"Please tell us!"

"If you keep silent, don't blame us for being rude!"

They had been in the Chaotic Source World for such a long time and explored the periphery and the four peaks, but couldn't find many Chaotic Source Spirits. Naturally, they were angry.

Questioned by so many members of the myriad races, the people of the Pear Hill were under a lot of pressure.

No matter how strong they were, they couldn't afford to anger that many people.

At this time, Yan walked out at a casual pace and swept her gaze across the faces of those assembling there. "The Chaotic Source Sea and the Chaotic Source Spirits are already out of control," she said.

Hearing Yan's words, many of the other races had surprise written all over their faces.

Some didn't understand what Yan was talking about, while some let thoughts flash across their minds.

"What do you mean?" someone asked.

"This is the last time the Chaotic Source World opens and the only chance for us

bered, the people assembling in the cave were not afraid of him.

They were all elites of the major races. They didn't believe that the Evil God could resist all of them alone.

There was an indifferent smile on the Evil God's face. The Ways-blending Energy gathered slowly in his right hand and coalesced into a diamond-shaped gem, which glinted evilly. Even facing so many strong warriors, he remained calm.

Some of the creatures looking at him were very nervous. What was he playing at?

Seeing the restless members of the Separate Abyss race about to rush forward, Khalid of the Bearing race reminded them, "Hamzah! If we fight here, we will risk activating the Malicious Stare!"

Hamzah was one of the strongest of the Separate Abyss race.

Although he didn't want to fight the Evil God, the Separate Abyss race had been humiliated. So he had to fight.

"Really?" Hearing Khalid's words, Hamzah frowned.

"We've already been through this." Khalid cupped his hands and told Hamzah what happened just now.

The members of the Separate Abyss race were arrogant. They didn't hang out with the Bearing race.

However, Khalid still hoped they could form an alliance with the Separate Abyss race. He warned them kindly because he wanted them on his side.

After thinking it over, Hamzah stared ferociously at the Evil God and led his clansmen to the side.

Everyone could see a fight between the Separate Abyss race and the Evil God was brewing.

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