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   Chapter 3405 The Purpose

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The moment those huge eyes opened, everyone in the cave felt as if their hearts were clenched in an icy grip. They quavered in fear.

Some of them could feel a sharp sword pointed at their foreheads. If the sword were to be thrust one inch closer, it would pierce their skulls and they would die.

Some of the people in the cave could see they were surrounded by skeletons. This was frightening. Had they arrived in the death world, where no living being existed? Were they doomed to become like the skeletons?

Most of them covered their heads with their hands, horrified. Naturally, they thought they were going to die.

Although most of them had been through many dangers, now, they were terror-stricken. Each of them felt like they were at death's door, knocking loudly.

Even Zen and Khalid, possessing the powerful Souls of Light, were not immune to this fear. Zen had to retreat after he landed, and at the same time fight against the fear of the Dreaded Eye Demon with his strong will.

Zen had gone through something like this before in the Sacred Mallow Temple. At that time, after No. 9527 prompted him, he was able to shut it out using the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

However, the fear which descended on him now was many times stronger than what he encountered in the Sacred Mallow Temple. The Emotion Closing Godly Way was unable to banish the fright.

"Flow Strike!"

Desperate for a solution, Zen pulled out another one of his skills—the Flow Swordsmanship.

The Flow Strike was regarded as an extension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, with a meditation component. It was a more effective way of cultivating the heart.

While staying in the Flow Sword Sect, Zen had come a long way as far as his training went.

But the mind method of the Flow Swordsmanship had little effect on that fear. He was unable to completely erase it.

The others were even worse.

Most of them prostrated themselves on the ground. Some of them were looking ashen, some were trembling and the rest were crying bitterly.

Yan stood still with a confused look, as if she were also using some kind of mental method to filter out the fear.

At the top of the main peak, the dark and red lights continued to flicker on the surface of the giant eye.

The giant eye was the source of the fear, naturally emanating it and affecting everyone.

Both Zen and Khalid were targets chosen by the eye and the mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits. It did not want anything

nother passageway, dozens of tall figures entered. They were from the Separate Abyss race.

The members of this race gathered and formed three teams in the Chaotic Source World. One of the teams encountered the Evil God, while the other two teams banded together and climbed up the main peak.

This time, the trip to the Chaotic Source World was not easy for them, and they were much more cautious as a result. Many Separate Abyss warriors, over a hundred feet tall, looked at the sculptures on the walls and gathered off to one side.

More and more members of different races came into the cave through the passageways around it.

Most were in groups, but there were some warriors who came there alone.

For example, Milo from the Oneness Sky Palace explored the main peak all by himself. He remained in the Chaotic Source World for a long time, and now he finally threw in his lot with Zen and his companions.

"The Chaotic Source Spirits must be hiding in the upper part of the cave!"

"Let's just make our way up and dig them out!"

"Yes, there is no place to hide except the upper part of the main peak!"

When there were more warriors in the cave, it became quite noisy inside. They talked about the best way to climb the mountain.

As for the members of the Separate Abyss race, they were impetuous. Two of them flew up and shot toward the upper part of the cave with their huge bodies as large as the hills.

However, when the two Separate Abyss warriors just approached the top, they suddenly let out a scream, and fell down, holding their heads in their hands. They formed a huge crater when they smashed into the ground.

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