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   Chapter 3403 Sculptures

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As Zen paced around the cave, he walked towards a corner and observed the sculptures on the walls.

The sculptures varied in forms, figures, and creatures. From cattle, to snakes, to birds. The sculptures were unique in their own ways.

Sadly, none of the sculptures was the Dreaded Eye Demon. Zen knew what he was looking for, especially since the Dreaded Eye Demon was hard to miss as it was only an eyeball. Zen had prior knowledge to them when he integrated with the Eye of Will.

"These sculptures are exactly the same as those in the Sacred Mallow Temple," Zen pointed out, nodding his head in approval.

The members and disciples of powerful forces never settled at the Stage One for long. As for Zen, he only entered the temple because some humans had invited him.

Chaim was also an exception to this. He had just entered the Other Shore, and grew curious about the place. Once, he entered the Sacred Mallow Temple, too.

"But why are all these sculptures here?" Dorothy asked, curious to know more.

She had been through a lot in the past. The first time she entered the Sacred Mallow Temple, she had struggled and was nearly killed inside.

"The risky thing in the Sacred Mallow Temple was the Soul Purifying Light, which could kill all the Souls of Light," Zen comforted her. "Good thing we don't have that here." He paused and looked back at Dorothy. "What I don't understand is how the Chaotic Source Spirits have something to do with the Dreaded Eye Demons..."

This bothered Zen, especially because these were two completely different races.

Because he didn't have enough information, he couldn't understand. More so for the others, who had no clue about anything.

The group had made it to the end of the cave. Though there were eight other pathways around the cave, they only motioned downwards. It meant that these passages were probably connected to the other eight entrances at the bottom of the main peak.

"The Chaotic Source Spirits must be hiding up here." Elvinia nudged above. "I'm sure that we'll find our way out if we break the cave ceiling."

The Chaotic Source Spirits had the ability to cut the rocks and moved in and out as they pleased. If it wasn't difficult for spirits, it should be possible for the group to do the same.

As Zen, Chaim and the others thought of more plans, another group of people came through another passage.

They were from the Bearing race and the Sun Crow race.

When they met eyes with Zen and his companions, their eyes widened in surprise. The silver haired young man in the lead, Khalid, was c

a spiky ball.

To add, the unique aura of Regal Jade Civilization gave out in full bloom, which added to the artifact's extraordinary impression.

"You arrogant bastard!"

"You just want to die!"

"We won't hesitate to kill you!"

The members of all four races, the Bearing race and the Sun Crow race included, roared in anger.

In an instant, Khalid, Mount, Mya were smiling no longer.

They realized that they had just underestimated Zen.

After all, the young man in black who they had feared the most, was a creation of Zen's inner world.

But these people weren't going to back down now. They had been through hell and back, so they had no reason to retreat now.

Besides, they still outnumbered Zen and his companions by a large number, so they still stood with great leverage.


The tension in the atmosphere thickened as a battle was just around the corner.

But just as everyone took their battle stances, footsteps echoed throughout the cave.

One more group came through another passage.


The group that emerged was the Snake Goddess race, led by Yan.

They would have been the first to enter, but Yan spent too much time catching Chaotic Source Spirits, making them the last to arrive.

Seeing that Zen was safe and unharmed, Yan was more than delighted. She was relieved as she strode forward to give him a hug.

The Pear Hill had the most members, so they had the advantage of calling the shots. Though they were hit by the hurricane, they could easily gather quickly and continue moving.

Members of the Snake Goddess race and the Oneness Sky Palace gathered together, impressively outnumbering the Bearing race and the other three races altogether.

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