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   Chapter 3402 The Eligible Targets

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It had been a while since the huge eye was silently observing the events below it, to embed every living creature in the main peak to its vision.

A huge ball rested under this eye, which was actually a big and powerful Chaotic Source Spirit. It measured more than a hundred feet in size, different from an ordinary one of its kind. This large ball was clearly the mother of all the Chaotic Source Spirits.

The voice of the mother of Chaotic Source Spirits broke the silence in the air. "Have you found the eligible targets?"

The huge eye flashed and sent out a part of its consciousness in response.

The eye had no organs to speak, so it could only send messages through its consciousness.

"I have many qualified targets in mind now," said the huge eye.

"Let me see!" the mother demanded. Red and white lights inside the huge eye descended in front of the mother and drew a graceful figure.

It was Yan, who wore a long dress.

The light figure showed that she was climbing up the cave, leading the members of the Snake Goddess race.

"This is a human girl who cultivates the Truth of Holy Words. She has the blood of the Snake Goddess," the huge eye explained.

The mother nodded, then started to count, "One."


The red and white lights flashed again and revealed another figure.

This time, it was a white-haired young man. It was none other than Khalid from the Bearing race.

"A man of the Bearing race, who cultivates the Truth of Five Orientations, owns the Five-Orientation Body, and is one of the inheritors of the Yellow Thearch."

"Two," the mother said with a blank expression.


The lights flashed some more and showed the top masters of the minor races, and the huge eye had been targeting all of them.

"There are eleven in total. What about the targets for yourself?" asked the mother.

The eye smiled. "Me? Well... I am interested in this guy."


The huge eye flashed and Zen's figure appeared, which was outlined by red and white lights.

"Is he also one of the human race? Why did you choose him?" the mother asked and looked at Zen in curiosity.

"This man is very interesting. He has merged with something of my kind," said the giant eye with its consciousness.

The mother was visibly shocked at this news, "You mean he has merged with an Eye of Will?"

"Yes. If I'm not mistaken, he must have assimilated an Eye of Will when he was in the Sacred Mallow Temple!" the huge eye answered affirmatively.

The mother of the Chaotic Source Spirits, however, was not interested in the giant eye's chosen target. Instead she asked, "Are you sure that we can escape safely after we possess th

had to retreat.

It was the first time that the Evil God couldn't defeat warriors who were at the same level as him!

Still, the Evil God didn't care about it at all. After all, he had already killed a large number of people in the Chaotic Source World and obtained so much. What he only had to do now was to reach the Chaotic Source Realm.

Meanwhile, there were rock giants that blocked Zen and his group's path along their journey.

The rock giants didn't hinder Zen and his companions, but the warriors didn't get many Chaotic Source Spirits from them, either.

They had soon climbed a distance of twenty thousand feet up the cave, but only got a little more than ninety Chaotic Source Spirits. It was not enough for any of them when the gain was to be shared.

Yet, Zen wasn't discouraged at all.

The remaining hundreds of thousands of Chaotic Source Spirits must be hiding somewhere on the main peak, waiting for them to harvest.

After they climbed more than thirty thousand feet, they were almost in the middle of the main peak.

The Chaotic Source Spirits seemed to have hollowed out the center of the main peak, as there was a huge hole formed in the middle. As soon as they stepped into the huge cave, they all stopped walking.

There were all kinds of patterns that were engraved on the cave's walls, which made Zen and his companions feel as if they were in a huge palace.

"Look at them... What do the patterns stand for?" Sally looked around, her eyes blinking in curiosity. "I've seen these patterns before," said Chaim.

He continued, "When I was in the first stage of the Other Shore Realm..."

"They are the sculptures in the Sacred Mallow Temple." Dorothy glanced at Zen and nodded, "Me and Zen explored that temple together. I'm sure of it!"

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