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   Chapter 3401 Huge Eye

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Even though the ground shook as a rock giant rushed quickly towards Zen, he still remained composed and nonchalant.

The rock giant balled its huge fists and then smashed them towards Zen, but he disappeared in a flash from the spot!

The next moment, he reappeared behind the rock giant.

With a crisp sound, he slashed his sword across the giant's body, but it failed to damage even the surface of the rock.

Still, Zen wasn't disappointed.

In fact, he was surprised — it just proved that there really was a Chaotic Source Spirit that hid inside the rock giant and strengthened its body.

Of course, he did not forget that their trip's main objective was to obtain the Chaotic Source Spirits!


There was a deafening crash when the rock giant stretched its arms and fell on its back.

The way it moved wasn't particularly slow, but it still couldn't touch Zen at all.

Meanwhile, Zen moved as swiftly as a light feather that glided in the wind, that even a small force could blow him away, but not damage him.

He ducked to avoid the rock giant's attack, then squinted his right eye which flashed a white beam of light.

"Authentic Visual World!"

As he employed the skill, the whole world became unusually clear in his vision. It didn't take him much effort to find several cracks on the surface of the rock giant.

"Sword Texture Technique! Break it!"

Next, he raised his sword and pointed it at the junction of two cracks found on the giant's waist.

The queen ant he had fought before had absorbed many Chaotic Source Spirits over a long period of time, so its body had only one flaw.

On the other hand, the rock giant had many flaws since it was only a temporary product.

The next events all went by in a blur.

As soon as Zen's sword touched the rock giant's weak spot, its body exploded into smithereens.

Yet, Zen didn't lower his guard even when the rock giant was now crushed into pieces.

That was because he suspected that the Chaotic Source Spirits must have been plotting something because they gathered in the main peak. Since they hadn't assassinated him with the stalagmites, he expected them to use more powerful means against him. The rock giants, however, were much weaker than he had imagined.

The thought quickly flashed in his mind — but no matter what the truth was, he believed that they must be able to obtain some Chaotic Source Spirits from the rock giants.

Just as the stone fragments collapsed on the ground, a small red creature emerged out of them. Compared to the ordinary Chaotic Source Spirits that Zen had seen before, this one was in a strange red colo

le crash was heard when the rock giants fell apart before her.


Yan opened her mouth once again, and an invisible power instantly restrained the Chaotic Source Spirits inside the rock giants.

When the little creatures were exposed, they just stared at her with hatred before they detonated themselves.

Several explosions later, all of them had turned into shreds.

There was a trace of pity and sadness in Yan's eyes as she looked at them, even though she didn't directly kill them.

She had already had a thorough understanding of these miserable creatures.

All warriors in the Other Shore Realm needed to capture the Chaotic Source Spirits in order to obtain greater power.

Although she could choose not to kill these creatures straight, they would still die at some point after the crystals had been taken out of their bodies. A moment of mercy wouldn't change the inevitable.

The Chaotic Source Spirits had a life that entailed the constant tragedy of being nurtured and slaughtered. Perhaps no other creatures could have a more miserable fate than them.

That was why the sight of hostility in their eyes made Yan uncomfortable and guilty.

In any case, that same form of slaughter had been taking place in the other passages as well.

The warriors had all reaped their first harvest in the main peak, but a dozen Chaotic Source Spirits were far from enough for them.

Meanwhile, a huge eye that resided in the main peak had been observing everything that had happened below it through the thick layers of rocks.

This huge eye was ten feet wide. Half of it flashed with a white light, and the other half with a red light. It obviously didn't belong to the Chaotic Source World, because it was an Other Shore Token.

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