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   Chapter 3399 Stalagmites

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These arrays worked in three different ways. Aside from helping refine the Chaotic Source Spirits, they could protect weaker creatures as well. Moreover, they also functioned as transmission arrays.

The warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm were much stronger than those who were not able to reach this realm.

Those who were able to finish the Chaotic Source Reinforcement and had reached the Chaotic Source Realm would be directly sent outside. This was done to prevent them from killing others.

Darth already knew that Zen had gathered enough Chaotic Source Spirits. However, it chose not to say anything about it. It was perfectly clear that Zen's departure would be completely up to him.

"No way," Zen said as he shook his head.

Zen was the core of the group. He was the glue holding these people together. If he chose to leave, Chaim would have to lead the group to explore the main peak.

That would be too risky. He couldn't just let them continue on their own.

Elvinia and Dorothy exchanged looks. They understood what this meant. They knew Zen well enough that there was no way he would just leave these people behind.

Zen and the others continued on their journey and arrived at the foot of the main peak before the next round of hurricane came.

Observed in the distance, the main peak was tall and slender. But actually, the mountain base was not that small. On the east side of it, there were two caves. One of them went upwards while the other one went downwards.

When they arrived at the east side, Zen took a quick look at the two caves. Afterwards, he chose the one that went upwards.

The Ear Mice had always been cautious, and Darth was no exception. Before they even set foot on the main peak, Darth had already ordered those Rock Mice to go inside it first and scout the area.

Upon entering, they found that the cave was very narrow. However, it suddenly became wider after they walked for over a hundred feet. The inner space was actually bigger than they had previously imagined.

Some of them felt quite uneasy and nervous at this sudden change in terrain so they released their spiritual senses to scan the cave.

Nonetheless, they found no living energy inside the cave. It seemed like this place was desolated and uninhabited.

"It doesn't seem like there is any difference between the main peak and the eastern one," Hutton pointed out. He seemed dejected.

He walked towards several rocks and began smashing them. In the end, however, he got nothing.

The expression on the others' faces also darkened. If they couldn't find any Chaotic Source Spirit on the main peak, where else would they be able to find one?

They began to feel hopeless. Did they come for nothing this time?

Dense rock spikes began to grow all over the surfaces of the cave. They covered the entire ground. Zen and others had to fly as swiftly as they could because there was not a patch of ground in which they could stand anymore.

"The cave ahead is narrow! Watch out!" Chaim reminded the others.

Over ten sharp stalagmites half a foot in length had already grown out. It wouldn't be long before they completely covered the cave from ceiling to ground. They had to rush over before the stalagmites closed the entire cave up!


Elvinia, Chaim, and Dorothy were the first ones to pass through them. They were followed by Zen, Darth and others.

Meanwhile, Sally, Hutton, and Umar moved a bit slower. Naturally, they fell behind.

As Zen reached the narrow area, he frowned as he saw the others were still running behind. He smashed the sharp stalagmites with his hands and feet. He unleashed a massive force that actually blocked their further extension!

"Hurry up! I can't hold on for much longer!"

The stalagmites sprang out from the stone walls and emitted a tremendous force. Zen could only delay their extensions for a short while.

"Whoosh! Swoosh!"

Sally and Hutton had now passed under Zen's arms and looked back simultaneously. "Umar, hurry up!"

Umar was the farthest one behind. He gritted his teeth and it seemed like he activated some kind of secret method. He turned into a sharp golden sword and passed right under Zen's armpit. However, his body had been cut by the tip of a stalagmite and blood flowed out of the wound.

Right after Umar reached them, Zen couldn't hold on any further. He released his hands and went through the narrow area as well.

The place he had been holding on to had now been filled with stalagmites, which blocked the way of the remaining five Ear Mice.

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