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   Chapter 3388 Flying Against The Hurricane

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At the gate of the Chaotic Source World, Elizabeth sat in a corner, meditating with eyes closed. After she sensed Lesly's and Brylee's deaths, her eyes shot open.

In her fury, she emanated wave after wave of malicious aura. Everyone around her could tangibly feel her anger.

Beside her sat three other demon women. They too were shocked when they found out about the deaths of their kin.

"Lesly and Brylee were killed at the same time?"

"That's impossible!"

"How could that happen?"

The demon women communicated with each other using life vitality, their faces full of disbelief.

Elizabeth's expression darkened.

The demon women from the Divine Lair were connected by blood. No matter how far they were from each other, they could sense each other's deaths.

They could also sense it if Elvinia and Flamine died.

"What's wrong, Elizabeth?" a leader of the Divine Farmer race asked through his life vitality.

"Lesly and Brylee are dead," Elizabeth answered bluntly.

"No way!" the leader exclaimed in astonishment.

The leaders of the Bearing race and the New Moon race frowned collectively.

"As of right now, no one has entered the core area. The chances of them dying outside are slim," the old man from the Bearing race said.

When everyone had entered the Chaotic Source World, a huge magic array appeared in front of the leaders. The array produced a huge mirror which reflected the core area of the Chaotic Source World.

However, anything outside the core area wasn't covered; they couldn't monitor what was happening outside.

According to the old man from the Bearing race, no one had stepped into the core area yet. That meant everyone was wandering around the periphery of the Chaotic Source World.

The periphery was vast. It was unlikely the two demon women would encounter strong enemies there. That was why everyone was shocked at their sudden deaths.

Since they got killed at the same time, the only possibility was that they encountered a strong opponent.

Elizabeth did not respond to the leader of the Bearing race.

Instead, she spread out her hands before her. Golden lines flowed along her arms, like veins pumping gold.

As the head of the Divin


At first, Zen had quickly flown away. But at some point, he suddenly stopped.

Sally froze for a moment. She thought the hurricane had stopped, but when she looked up, she found that it was still whistling. It had only been a few minutes. The hurricane wouldn't stop so soon.

'I wonder if Zen rushes into another cave to take shelter, ' Sally pondered worriedly.

Later, Zen was actually flying towards them amidst the hurricane.

Feeling the soul mark vibrate, Sally covered her mouth in shock.

"Sally, what's wrong with you?" Chaim, noticing her strange behavior, looked at her curiously.

"It's Zen!" she exclaimed, her face full of disbelief. "He's coming to us!"

"Impossible." Chaim shook his head. "Unless he's flying in the underground..."

"Absolutely not! How could he move so quickly in the underground? He must be flying in the sky!" Sally said with certainty.

"Don't be silly, Sally. No one can resist this hurricane. Even the omnipotent Zen can't do it," said Chaim with a smile.

The warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm possessed thousands of divine megatons of force, so they could resist the hurricane. Even though Chaim didn't believe Sally, her expression was so resolute that even he faltered.

"He'll be here soon," Sally said confidently. She knew that Zen was closing in on them.

In no time, they saw Zen freely flying in the hurricane like a lithe bird in the springtime. Steadily, he landed in the middle of the cave.

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