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   Chapter 3386 The Heavenly South Bow

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Brylee was furious. Her eyes were burning with anger and humiliation at her mistake.

A spurt of killing intent gushed out from her body. She was about to rush to Sally when the golden flame behind her exploded with a deafening bang.

She quickly turned around. Panic appeared on her face, Lesly was sent flying onto the wall of the cave. Zen floated in the air, surrounded by the divine flames of the Sun Crow race. The fire that burned around him left him completely unharmed.

"He's very powerful," Brylee murmured to herself.

She and Lesly would not make the mistake of underestimating Zen.

After the two of them had broken into the cave, Lesly went to attack Zen while Brylee fought the others.

They had thought that after Brylee killed Sally and Chaim, they would surely be able to defeat Zen.

But their plan fell apart immediately, because Lesly couldn't withstand even a single blow from Zen.

Lesly was stuck in a big rock, and her eyes, usually so bright and charming, were now dark with fear and anger. Under the burning of her wings, the rock slowly melted into scorching lava.

"I don't care if you attack me, but you will pay if you try to kill my friends," Zen said coldly, glaring at the two demon women.

He had wanted to get a sense of their intentions before hitting them with any strong attacks, but one of them had gone directly for Sally and Chaim. As a result, Zen was forced to immediately deal a heavy blow against Lesly.

Zen moved forward. The rock beneath his feet cracked as he rushed at Brylee with lightning speed.

Lesly shouted out a warning, "Brylee! Run! He is not afraid of fire!" Lesly had just suffered a crippling loss and she feared Brylee was about to meet the same fate.

Brylee's divine flames were quite fierce, and far strong than those of the other demon women of the Sun Crow race. At Lesly's words, she withdrew the divine flames she had been about to blast at Zen. Instead, she spread her wings and flew upwards.

By then, Lesly had freed herself from the rock. She had not been seriously hurt by Zen's punch, and she unfurled her wings and rose in the air. She called to Brylee, "Let's go! We must retreat for now!"

The divine flame was the most powerful weapon of the Sun Crow race, and they had expected to use it to defeat Zen. But since Zen was not at all threatened by the flames, they had no chance of winning this battle, so they had to retreat and figure out a different plan.

"You're already here! Why don't you stay a bit longer?" Zen taunted.

He accelerated as he flew into the air, chasing Brylee.


uldn't absorb power, and it wouldn't get tired.

As long as the Shade Stone liquid was on Zen's back, it didn't matter how many times he was hit by the heavenly crystal spears. They wouldn't be able to pierce through his body.

However, each time a heavenly crystal spear shattered into pieces on Zen's back, he felt the force of the blow, like a powerful punch. It made his body tremble, and his vital energy quivered violently.

Moreover, Zen didn't have enough Shade Stone liquid to protect any other part of his body except his back. He was managing to angle himself so that the spears always hit his back, but eventually he would get tired and a heavenly crystal spear might pierce through his limb, or through the front of his torso. He had to figure out a way to counterattack.

Brylee, also flying nearby, waved her hand and brought out an Other Shore Token.

She held a long, graceful bow that shone with a soft blue light. She raised the weapon and plucked at the bowstring, and a watery blue arrow appeared.

"Heavenly South Bow!"

This long bow was a sixth-grade Other Shore Token. It was the sacred item of a ruling civilization. The bow was the only one of its kind.

The Heavenly South Bow was well-known on the Other Shore. It had been used by the last head of the Divine Lair and cherished by its people for a long time. When Brylee came along, the last head of the Divine Lair gave her the bow. Many had coveted the Heavenly South Bow, but she was the one chosen to wield this Other Shore Token.

"To the south!"

Brylee released the bowstring. A sharp, penetrating blue light shot out from the Heavenly South Bow.

As soon as the blue light burst out, Zen felt its sharpness. His face darkened.

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