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   Chapter 3385 Fighting

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Metallic clangs filled the air as the sharp, golden swords continued to fall down and erode the rocks above the cave.

There was a dull crack when the rocks had been eroded to a certain extent. Eventually, the whole rock layer collapsed to the bottom of the cave and covered its surface.


In turn, Zen, Sally, Chaim, and the Moon Spirit man all retreated to the edge of the cave to avoid being hit by the collapsed rocks.

If they did get hit by the rocks, they wouldn't get hurt because of their strengths. If they exposed themselves, however, it would not end well.

After all the rocks of the cave collapsed, a big pit was formed.

Lesly and Brylee slowly descended.

Their wings, which contained the divine flames of the Sun Crow race, flapped and fanned the fire around them. Hot air surged around the pit.

"What... are you doing?" the man from the Moon Spirit race said in a shaky voice.

He instinctively leaned to the side, his face full of fear.

Although he had avoided the disaster just now, the deaths of the two men from the Celestial Wolf race and the Lofty Mountain race still shook him to the core.

Then again, the fights in the Chaotic Source World had always been quite cruel.

Tens of thousands of warriors fought for the two hundred thousand Chaotic Source Spirits. If they continued to kill each other mercilessly, there would be less and less competitors in no time.

According to the records, members of the same race who entered the Chaotic Source World would gather together as soon as possible and kill everyone else from the other races.

The majority of the people who survived were the members and disciples of the super forces. Meanwhile, many elites who were trained by many small races usually died from unknown reasons.

Although it was bloody and chaotic, it was a great test for the small races' members to succeed in undergoing the Chaotic Source Reinforcement. The risks they had to take were far greater than those of the members of the super forces.

It was obvious that the Moon Spirit warrior was eager to get the Chaotic Source Spirits. Now, his hopes were crushed when he ended up in such a terrible situation.

Lesly glanced at him and didn't show any changes in her expression.

In her eyes, the man from the Moon Spirit race would become a hindrance to her if he stayed there…

She gently pointed to the Moon Spirit warrior with her index finger. A golden strip of light burst from her fingertip and transformed into numerous golden fire birds, which charged straight towards the man.

The man from the Moon Spirit race quickly turned around and jumped up when he saw the bird

nsed golden flame at the tip of the spear burned so hot that it could almost melt everything.

Just as Brylee rushed downwards, she heard an unmistakable roar.

Her heart pounded in her ribcage. That seemingly powerful sound frightened her.

She instinctively lowered her head, but the Iridescent Stone, which had just returned, passed by and smashed her ear, making it bleed!



The Iridescent Stone finally flew back to the hand of Sally, who looked at Brylee with a serious face. "Don't get closer to me... Otherwise I will attack you!" she warned.

Chaim had witnessed the whole thing from a distance. He looked at Sally and said encouragingly, "Well done, Sally!"

The Iridescent Stone seemed to be quite an ordinary descending type of Other Shore Token, but it was mysterious and useful, with many functions.

The Iridescent Stone was extremely flexible and was under Sally's complete control. Whenever she threw it away, it always returned to her. Furthermore, she could even activate the Other Shore Power within the stone, which could enhance its speed and release more power.

Once the stone was triggered, its impact force could easily reach one thousand divine megatons. The only catch was that she could only activate the Iridescent Stone for three times within a day. After that, the Iridescent Stone could not be used again.

Before, Brylee had noticed that Chaim looked weak and Sally didn't seem powerful at all, so she had always looked down on them.

Her mindset caused her to treat them with such contempt and because she was too confident, she hadn't been careful enough, which almost cost her life.

Had the power of one thousand megatons landed squarely on her head, it would have surely smashed it into pieces.

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