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After the Chaotic Source Spirits lost their power, the queen ant's defensive power dropped significantly.

However, even without that added defense, the queen ant remained resilient. It continued to struggle in futility for its life, fighting to stand despite the sword that was deeply lodged through the side of its head.

The three warriors from the Lofty Mountain race, the Moon Spirit race, and the Celestial Wolf race were overjoyed at the scene! Not willing to waste such a wonderful opportunity, the three of them quickly rushed towards the dying queen ant.

Sally and Chaim were left in the dust as the three ran. The Lofty Mountain warrior even reached out in an attempt to tear the ant's belly.


Zen snorted as an unpleasant aura surrounded him.

He was the one w

race started regretting his actions.

He knew where these swords had come from since he was the one who summoned those two demon women here.

In his defense though, he never knew they would do such a thing! He never thought that those women would be cruel enough and regard his life as expendable.

The man tried his best to avoid this rain of flaming swords but, in the end, failed to cheat death. He was pierced through by three golden swords and burnt to a crisp much like the Celestial Wolf member.

On the other hand, the man from the Moon Spirit race was clever and used his Other Shore Token to create a transparent light film around him.

When the flaming swords penetrated through the light film, they would slow down, allowing him to easily avoid any that came near him.

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