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   Chapter 3383 The Queen Ant's Flaw

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In theory, no such thing as perfect exists in the world.

Even the most powerful warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm were also flawed.

Zen, however, still couldn't figure out those powerful warriors' flaws with his current abilities.

He had used the Eye of Will to disturb Chance's mind back in the Phoenix Palace, but he had never truly used it to detect his flaws.

Chance had already undergone the Chaotic Source Reinforcement, so it was not easy to find a flaw in his body.

But the queen ant in front of Zen was different from Chance.

"Sword Texture Technique!"

"Eye of Will!"

A bright beam of white light flashed, and then a remarkably clear world materialized around Zen. It was known as the Authentic Visual World.

In this world, everything was covered by lines.

Sally and Chaim were no exception.

The lines enabled Zen to see everyone's level of strength.

For instance, Chaim's fighting ability had dropped sharply, but his body was an integral whole. He was protecting his flaws, although it was unknown if he did it intentionally or unintentionally.

He didn't practice the Sword Texture Technique. He had his instincts which he gained from his rich experience in battle.

Meanwhile, the flaws of Sally and the members of the other races were almost the same.

The queen ant was a whole in the Authentic Visual World, just like what Zen had seen before.

"The queen ant has no flaws?

It's impossible!"

He couldn't possibly believe such a thing. Since the queen ant hadn't completed the Chaotic Source Reinforcement, he believed that he could find a flaw.

As its white jaws came for him again, Zen bowed and then jumped up, his long sword in one hand. He didn't attack the queen ant, but simply stared at it.

"What? What is he doing?" Chaim asked, confused.

"He has stopped attacking. Is he going to give up?" the member of the Moon Spirit race said with a frown.

The queen ant had the Chaotic Source Spirits in its belly, which made it invincible, but Zen's current abilities made it easy for him to escape.

The only thing was he wouldn't be able to get any Chaotic Source Spirit if he did so. Naturally, the others were slightly upset because of it.

Of course, they still didn't dare to say anything because after all, Zen was the one fighting and not them.

"Zen will not give up," said Sally firmly. Yet, there was a trace of doubt on her face. What on earth was Zen doing? It seemed like he was observing the queen ant. However, what was the poin

ally threw out her Iridescent Stone again!


The Iridescent Stone hit the queen ant's belly hard and its belly crumpled on itself.

Sally's eyes were filled with delight! "The queen ant is dying!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The queen ant was in a great deal of pain. Its two tentacles collided against each other as it let out a strange, roar-like sound.

Soon enough, the other races joined the fight. The queen ant had lost the protection of the Chaotic Source Spirits, and couldn't defend itself anymore. In the blink of an eye, bruises were scattered all over its body.

Despite having drained its Chaotic Source Spirits, the queen ant still had its powerful Other Shore Token.


Alas, the queen ant couldn't release enough strength after its Chaotic Source Spirits were spent, and its body became much weaker.

It unleashed its Other Shore Power for the last time and then rushed to the stone pillar like a galloping rhinoceros.

In fact, the stone pillar was not the queen ant's lair. Its actual shelter was a huge maze that connected to the bottom of the cave, stretching thousands of feet.

The queen ant had only appeared because Zen had slaughtered all of its offspring.

The queen ant was full of regret. If it had known such a thing would happen, it would've hidden in its lair instead, and wouldn't have ended up in misery.

It didn't expect that this young human man could find its only flaw!


The moment the queen ant was about to go into the cave under the pillar, Zen threw his long sword.

The sharp silver sword went directly through the queen ant's head, and pinned it to the ground.

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