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   Chapter 3381 The Queen Ant

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Zen's perception was sensitive and accurate. As he saw Sally and Chaim come down from his peripheral view, he finally felt relieved.

A moment earlier, he saw several hundred vicious ants chasing after Sally. He knew that it wasn't easy to deal with those creatures, so he was worried about her safety.

However, he couldn't offer her any help since he already turned himself as bait in order to attract more ants into attacking him. The moment he followed her, all the ants would also follow him, leading to a much worse situation.

Fortunately, Sally had Chaim protecting her and his capabilities had lived up to Zen's expectations.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zen withdrew his gaze from Sally and Chaim and composed himself into facing the ants in front of him. As he focused, several rays of sword radiance spiraled out.

The rest of the wild ants were swallowed by his sword radiance. In an instant, numerous dead bodies of ants filled the cave.

"Zen has slaughtered all the ants!" Sally exclaimed as she clapped her hands.

The members of the Lofty Mountain race, the Moon Spirit race, and the Celestial Wolf race were all overjoyed and sighed with great relief.

Furthermore, it was a splendid moment for the one from the Lofty Mountain race. He was able to survive the ants' siege and it seemed he was also able to acquire some Chaotic Source Spirits. All he needed to do now was wait for the large races to come over and kill Zen.

Now, there was just the stone pillar left since all the ants had been slain. With their combined skills and efforts, it should not be a problem to destroy it easily.

However, as they started approaching the pillar, Zen suddenly felt a strong surge of force from within it.

Immediately after, red ants quickly came out of the small holes on the pillar. Zen sensed an enormous amount of energy stored within their bodies as they rushed towards him.

"More ants are coming!"

"Be careful! Each ant contains an astonishing amount of energy."

"Move back! Hurry up and step back!"

The three members of the other races who had just come down hurriedly retreated back to the upward passage.

A few dozens of red ants came to sight.

They were much lesser in number compared to the horde of wild ants that Zen had slaughtered earlier, but he knew that he needed to be cautious as they were far stronger than the previous bunch.

As one of the red ants that approached Zen was only a few steps away from him, the bright red pigment on its body surface began to boil. In the b

d still possess tremendous strength comparable to the warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm," Chaim noted with a bitter smile as he shook his head. "Zen, we don't stand a chance. Let's just escape while we can."

No one here knew better than Chaim if it came to the strength of the warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm.

He, together with the outstanding disciples in the Oneness Sky Palace like Efrain, had stayed at the Land of Sword Grief for quite some time.

Not everyone in the Land of Sword Grief was strong. Most of them had just reached the Chaotic Source Realm, meaning that they weren't strong enough to be the backbone of the Oneness Sky Palace.

Efrain had once battled with those who had just reached the Chaotic Source Realm, but he didn't even hurt them a little bit. Although the cultivation level of Efrain's opponents was above his, Chaim was greatly shocked to observe the huge gap in strength. He firmly believed that he wouldn't be able to defeat warriors at the Chaotic Source Realm unless he underwent the Chaotic Source Reinforcement as well.

However, last time, Zen had proved this to be wrong. With the help of the Civilization Artifact, he easily took down Chance in the Phoenix Palace. Nonetheless, due to Jean's intervention, the matter was only known to a few people of the Phoenix Palace. They didn't let the other disciples know about it.

"It's not at the Chaotic Source Realm, trust me." Zen stared at the queen ant and continued, "And even if it is, there must be a way to defeat it."

Considering the number of Chaotic Source Spirits that were in the possession of the queen ant, Zen was unwilling to leave and just let go of the opportunity.

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