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   Chapter 3380 The Living Puppet Chains

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"Ah! Ah!"

"An ant is biting me!"

"Back off!"

Two members of the Moon Spirit race and one of the Celestial Wolf race shrieked miserably as the fearsome jaws of the ants clamped down on them.

But they then froze and flopped to the ground as they died, their bodies rotting immediately.

This surprised the others.

The one from the Lofty Mountain race and the other from the Celestial Wolf race launched a frenzied counterattack on the ants.

They could certainly kill a few ants with their strength, but it would be far from enough.

The member of the Lofty Mountain race was seriously disheartened and disappointed. If he had known this would happen, he would have found an excuse to avoid all this and hide outside before the hurricane showed up.

His longing for the Chaotic Source Spirits had put him here however, and now he was caught in his own trap with no chance of escape.

It would be a pity to die like that.

Chaim and Sally stood at the entrance to the cave, their faces grim as their situation seemed to be getting bleaker.

As the ants got closer and closer, Chaim cleared his thoughts and made his mind up.

He stood shielding Sally, knowing what he had to do.

He was one of the best disciples in the Oneness Sky Palace. His strength could not be underestimated.

He cared little for the lives of the other races, but he could see at a glance that Sally and Zen shared an unusual relationship and so he would do whatever was necessary to protect her.

Without hesitation, he raised his hand and activated his Other Shore Token.

Dozens of chains spread out along his left hand, each with thin, sharp spikes on the end.

The chains slithered out and suddenly darted towards Chaim's own body.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

The chains pierced deep into his chest, cinnabar field, arms, legs, and even forehead.

Once his entire body had been punctured, the chains began spreading throughout his veins, bones and internal organs, covering his whole

crush them to absorb their energy, but with his strength dwindling, he could not do it.

Sally saw this and assisted him.

The few remaining fierce ants flew over, but they were no threat to the group.

They might have been fast, but there were not many of them now. The other races were on high alert and could take care of them quite easily.

"I want to go down and have a look," Sally said after she helped Chaim absorb several hundred divine crystals.

Although Zen was not afraid of the ants' poison, Sally was still concerned.

The members of the Lofty Mountain race, the Celestial Wolf race, and the Moon Spirit race all nodded. Of course, it was not Zen they were worried about. They cared only for the Chaos Source Spirits in the stone pillar.

If Zen killed those ants and did whatever was necessary to open the pillar, he would take the Chaotic Source Spirits for himself.

"Let's go down together," Chaim said.

He could move freely now that he had absorbed the divine crystals, but his strength had still not yet been fully restored.

The three members of the other races, Sally and Chaim began making their way down. Before they entered the cave below, they heard the clangs of Zen's sword.

There Zen stood. The bodies of ants piled up beside him and only a few ants were left in the air.

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