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   Chapter 3377 Fierce Ants

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The hook with bait shot past the warriors and went directly towards the stone pillar. Afterwards, Chaim slightly shook his hand to simulate movement of the bait.

Almost instantly, a series of red lights flashed within the small holes of the stone pillar. Around six or seven creatures rushed out of the holes and ripped the bait off the hook. They immediately withdrew back into the pillar. Their movements were as quick as lightning.

In spite of their speed, Zen had no difficulty in seeing them clearly. He realized what the creatures were almost at once.

"Those creatures are ants?" Zen couldn't believe his eyes. But he could not be mistaken.

Those ants had half of an arm's length. Their tentacles were shining with a bright scarlet light. They also had big jaws that glinted dangerously. Upon observation, it was obvious that they were poisonous.

Chaim nodded as he confirmed what Zen had surmised. With a frown, he said, "They must be the kind of wild and ferocious ants unique to the Chaotic Source World. They are highly poisonous. There is no doubt that we must not approach them."

Having said this, he pointed to an area not that far away from them.

Zen looked towards the direction he pointed. There, a member of the Celestial Wolf race lay lifeless on the ground. He had a black mass all over his body. Clearly, he died due to the poison that spread in his system.

Zen turned his head back at the stone pillar. He pondered for a while and then said, "It seems like these ants do not intend to leave their nests. Is it possible to attack them with the Other Shore Tokens?"

"My Other Shore Token is of the descending type, Zen. Watch this," Sally said as she wanted to demonstrate something to Zen.

A little round ball materialized from Sally's hand. It seemed really heavy and compact. Its surface was covered with a rainbow-like luster.

This Other Shore Token was known as the Iridescent Stone unique to Stage Thirteen that contained astonishing Other Shore Power. Upon throwing it, the user would be able to control its movement to hit the target accurately.

Sally launched the Iridescent Stone towards the stone pillar. It soared towards the target with such accuracy.

Pew! Boom!

The incredible power of the Iridescent Stone caused ripples in the space as it flew in the air. It heavily crashed upon the stone pillar.

The blow must have unleashed over a thousand divine megatons of force. It was truly remarkable.

Even strong warriors like Chaim would not be able to take that kind of hit head on. It was a force that could probably cause a mountain to collapse upon impact.

Sally might seem like a delicate beauty. However, her strength should not be underestimated.


No matter how strong the attack was, it only crashed upon its target with a dull thud. The pillar only trembled a littl

t towards Zen.

Chaim, Sally, and the others were over a thousand feet away. But as soon as they saw the poisonous ants flying in the sky, they were all forced to retreat.

If the ants chased after them, they would escape from the cave without a second thought.

"Their speed is astounding!"

As the ants flew fast and circled around Zen, they appeared like solid black lines. The speed of their flight was way beyond Zen's expectation.


The ants circled Zen a few more times before they opened their mouths and charged towards Zen. Their huge clicking jaws looked absolutely menacing.

Zen moved his feet slightly and levitated in the air. With slight twists and turns, he perfectly avoided the attacks of the ants.

At the same time, he grabbed a fierce ant by its abdomen and forcefully smashed it on the ground.

However, the ant just turned its body in an incredibly unusual angle and sank its huge jaws into Zen's arm.

Puff! Puff!

Both its left and right jaws were able to puncture Zen's skin.

"What? Unbelievable!"

Zen was absolutely startled.

He realized that he clearly underestimated the strength of these ferocious ants. He didn't activate the Shade Stone liquid to protect his body. Thus, the ant was able to pierce his skin directly.

This was why even strong warriors like Chaim were incapable of dealing with these ants.

"Zen!" Sally screamed as she saw Zen getting bitten by the poisonous ant.

"Zen!" Chaim yelled together with Sally. This was not a good sight to behold.

Chaim was thoroughly shocked at how reckless Zen was. He did not expect this at all.

A look of disdain appeared upon the faces of the others who witnessed this. Zen seemed like a highly important figure. However, he turned out to be a foolishly reckless man who underestimated his enemy. Now, he'd gotten himself killed because of his carelessness and impatience.

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