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   Chapter 3372 Pursue And Attack

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The Sea Dragon race couldn't be considered a super force in the Source World. Naturally, their resources couldn't compare to those of the Oneness Sky Palace.

However, they made up for it with their extraordinarily strong bodies. Their dragon scales were considered treasures and served as natural armor.

The three brothers, named Yasin, Musa, and Amir, were quite lucky. The gap in their respective numbers was within a hundred. Additionally, even though a strong wind had begun to rise as soon as they entered the Chaotic Source World, they were able to find each other and team up.

Musa and Amir had sinister expressions, both smiling viciously at Zen.

"So, you are unwilling to let go of the Chaotic Source Spirit." Zen narrowed his eyes at them.

Yasin quickly stowed away the Chaotic Source Spirit into his space ring. Then, he turned to wink at his two brothers.

Musa and Amir immediately took the hint. In the blink of an eye, Zen was surrounded.

Yasin laughed. "When we were outside, you seemed to have a powerful background. However..." His eye twinkled mischievously. "I didn't expect you to be such an idiot! The moment you saw us, you had a chance to escape. But now, I am afraid you're done for. Musa, Amir, get him!"

Yasin shook his head. He thought Zen would be smart, but apparently, he was just a dumb fool.

They would spare him no mercy.

With a brisk flick of the wrist, Musa and Amir summoned two long sabers. The Other Shore Power flowed throughout their bodies. Their scales began to glow a blue light, which was the Sea Dragon race's body language for excitement.

"You think I'm stupid because I didn't run away?"

Zen asked slowly, a smile creeping on his face.

There were many creatures in the Chaotic Source World. Almost all the large races and super forces had come today.

However, out of all the creatures present, only seven or eight were worthy of catching Zen's attention. These buffoons from the Sea Dragon race were not one of them.

"Chop him!"

"Take this!"

The long sabers cut through the black smog. With eight hundred divine megatons of force, they could almost crack both the heaven and the earth.

Both Musa and Amir were confident

obviously faster.

Within a few seconds, Zen was only a few feet away from Yasin. As Zen closed the gap, he threw a punch at Yasin's back.

"Dragon Scales for Body Protection!"

Yasin sensed Zen's strike from behind, and immediately activated the natural armor of the Sea Dragon race. Instantly, the edges of his dragon scales were covered by honeycomb-shaped patterns, hardening his skin tenfold.


Zen's fist struck Yasin's back with a dull sound.

Yasin buckled a bit under the force of Zen's blow, but he recovered quickly and continued to run as fast as he could.

'The bodies of the Sea Dragon race are truly solid, ' Zen thought to himself. 'If any ordinary human took a punch, they'd be dead by now.'

Little did he know that Yasin was under a great deal of pain.

The strength of Zen's punch was enough to cause some serious internal bleeding. He spat out blood as he ran, cursing under his breath. There was no way he could take another punch like that.

Sensing that Zen was closing in on him once more, Yasin made a split second decision. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he pulled off his space ring and threw it as far as he could in the opposite direction.

Even though the black smog posed some resistance, the space ring flew over a hundred feet away.

Zen hesitated. The Chaotic Source Spirit was stored in the space ring. In that moment, Zen chose to give up the chase and turned towards the direction the space ring landed.

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