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   Chapter 3371 Sea Dragon Race

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Each speck of dust was a small individual that contributed to the black smog area in the Chaotic Source World. The area had the diameter of millions of miles.

The smog was so dense and heavy that it was difficult for all living beings to move, let alone the wind.

Naturally, the wind of the Chaotic Source World required more strength than they could have imagined.

As Zen found himself being carried by the wind, he now understood how Elvinia travelled tens of thousands of miles into the Chaotic Source World in such a short amount of time.

Elvinia did not make it on her own! She rode along the strong wind to get there.

But if that was the case, then perhaps Yan had also been transported by the wind.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Zen moved in the air at an increasingly high speed.

'Before I came to the Chaotic Source World, I had never heard of such a strong wind. Has the Chaotic Source World changed?' he thought.

Besides, the woman from the Snake Goddess race had dropped a hint that Yan was waiting for him there.

It seemed the woman was unaware of any change that had occurred.

Five minutes had passed and the strong wind finally began to subside.

As the wind calmed down, Zen steadily descended and landed on a firm, brown rock.

Using the soul mark, he found that Elvinia was now around sixty thousand miles away from him.

It was a far distance, and he knew he couldn't get there so quickly.

However, Zen was not in a hurry. After all, everyone had just arrived at the Chaotic Source World. It would take them time to adjust and get used to the place, so there shouldn't be any threats soon.

He stood on the tall rock and looked around. The place was lifeless, quiet, and deserted. He didn't even spot greenery from where he was standing.

The black smog might have just been too heavy, making the environment too harsh for ordinary beings. Perhaps nothing could thrive here except for the Chaotic Source Spirits.

'Before we set out, Dorothy mentioned that the Chaotic Source Spirits like hiding underground and in the rocks, ' Zen thought to himself. 'Maybe I can search for them in the rocks.'

He then lifted his foot and stomped down hard against the rock he stood on.


With a crisp sound, cracks began to appear across the

with a thick layer of scales. They had long, thick tails behind them, which only meant one thing—they were from the Sea Dragon race.

"Wow! I didn't expect to find a Chaotic Source Spirit minutes after entering the Chaotic Source World!" One of them was overjoyed to find the Chaotic Source Spirit, holding it firmly in his hand as it struggled to get out.

He couldn't let it out of his sight. After all, there were only 200, 000 Chaotic Source Spirits. So many people fought over them because they were so rare.

Thanks to Zen, this particular man was happy to have found one so easily.

However, Zen was not too happy about this. His face darkened slightly. "I found this Chaotic Source Spirit from the rock and dug it out myself." He looked at them fiercely and added, "Could you please return it to me?"

The three had no clue that Zen was there in the first place, so they were shocked to see him.

They knew that Zen's identity was unusual, but the Chaotic Source World was different from the outside world.

This was a rule set by the Snake Goddess, who they feared and respected very much. If they really killed Zen, no one would punish them, so perhaps now was a good moment to kill Zen.

"Hey, are you out of your mind?" one of the Sea Dragon members uttered. "No one owns a Chaotic Source Spirit until they get a hold of it." The man smiled, taunting Zen.

The group of three were not afraid of Zen, because no matter how powerful he was, Zen stood alone against three.

To them, Zen was on a losing end.

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