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   Chapter 3370 The Wind

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Under normal circumstances, those who entered the Chaotic Source World needed to fend for themselves. But if they banded together, they would have a greater chance of succeeding.

Therefore, the six Nine Li people were willing to follow Zen.

Sally, however, felt a bit disheartened since her number on the petal was so big.

Zen glanced at the number and smiled faintly. "Don't worry. Even if we get separated, we will still be able to locate each other, thanks to the soul marks."

When they were still on the flying ship, Zen had marked the bodies of the Nine Li people, Elvinia, and Dorothy.

"Okay!" Sally nodded meekly.

Meanwhile, the members of the super forces studied the numbers on their petals.

Comparing the numbers between them, some obviously felt a little depressed over the gaps. In low voices, they discussed amongst themselves how they'd meet in the Chaotic Source World.

Others glanced at the petals and then decidedly ignored them.

Milo, the burly young man and the curly haired woman from the Divine Farmer race were among those who ignored the numbers.

These were the sort of people who were fully confident in their strength and talent, so they frowned upon the idea of working with others.

Once the woman standing in front of the stone gate had distributed all the petals, she cleared her throat. "Everyone, take your tickets and enter the Chaotic Source World according to your numbers. Now, the first one."

As soon as she finished her words, a young man from the Bearing race stepped forward.

Smiling confidently, he rushed towards the stone gate, waving his ticket in the air.

The number on his petal was "one", so he was the first to enter the Chaotic Source World. He felt extremely lucky.

After showing his petal at the stone gate, he then pressed his ticket onto the runes by the side of the gate. Once the runes smashed his ticket, he flew in.

Immediately after, a werewolf with silvery hair from the Celestial Wolf race came forward. The number on its petal was "two". After having its ticket checked, it quickly followe

his explosive power.

Even so, Zen knew it was only fair that the Chaotic Source World had this restriction aimed at everyone.

After flying a bit towards the right, Zen had seen only rusty-looking stones. There was no sign of Yan.

"Where is she?" Zen frowned.

Yan was a woman of her word. She had promised she'd meet him there, so where was she?

Zen's frown deepened. If she wasn't here, she could be in trouble.

He couldn't help but feel a bit worried.

Unfortunately, he hadn't left a soul mark on her body, so there was no way of finding her.

After wandering around for a while, he tried locating Elvinia. His expression changed abruptly once he found her.

Elvinia had entered the Chaotic Source World only shortly before him, yet she was forty thousand miles away from him!

If they were in the outside world, Zen wouldn't have been so shocked. After all, they could use the Grand Teleportation.

However, teleporting was forbidden in the Chaotic Source World. With this smog constricting movement, how could she possibly be that far ahead?

While Zen was busy pondering over this, he failed to notice a wind was steadily rising in the Chaotic Source World.


Suddenly, he felt something pushing him fiercely.

The force of the wind was incredibly powerful. Before Zen had the time to react, he was violently swept up into the air by the wind.

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