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   Chapter 3369 At A Random Order

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Zen was shocked to hear of such a method for cultivating an avatar.

It was not fair to the avatar, who was not really the warrior, just a substitute. The avatar had its own consciousness and its own life.

But it seemed that during those days, the powerful masters did not let too many worries or scruples get in the way of their activities.

In some of the larger forces, the warriors whose strength ranked second to fifth, were all puppet avatars of their leaders.

Nowadays, it was extremely rare to see creatures that cultivated the Inner-world Generating Avatar.

On one hand, it was easy to get rid of the Rebirth Land. On the other hand, the level of strength pursued by the living beings in the Source World was getting higher and higher.

When the Other Shore had first opened, creatures from the warriors' inner worlds would enter the Other Shore and fuse with the Other Shore Tokens in Stage Three or Stage Four. Then the creators would erase the memories of those creatures and transform them into their avatars.

For warriors as strong as Athemar, they needed to let the creatures from their inner worlds enter Stage Twenty, or a higher stage.

It took time to train an avatar. The longer the training, the greater the chance that the creatures would discover the truth of the Source World, and then they would try to get rid of the control of the Rebirth Land. No creature wanted to be an avatar.

When a creature whose memories had been erased was transformed into an avatar, it lost its soul. It could no longer enter the Other Shore, and its cultivation base could not increase.

Thus, while Athemar was easily able to cultivate a few avatars in the third or fourth stage of the Other Shore Realm, these avatars were too weak and useless for him.

"Then..." Zen said slowly, looking at the Evil God standing nearby.

"He was created by you. If you have the chance, you can turn him into your avatar in the future," Athemar said flatly.

"Of course, you must ensure you are stronger than him," Dorothy cautioned. "Otherwise, he will defeat you sooner or later. He might even be able to transform you into an avatar! It sounds impossible, but it is recorded that such a thing has happened before."

Zen nodded, deep in thought.

The Evil God was too sinister. If there was a chance, Zen must try his best to punish and control him.

Inner-world Generating Avatar was indeed a good choice in this case.

However, as Dorothy had warned, it was crucial to be at the proper level of strength. If Zen tried to take on the Evil God without being strong enough, it was entirely possible that he would be the one to end up getting kille


"Mine says 7, 000," said Elvinia, showing her petal to Zen.

"I have 18, 060," said Dorothy.

Zen lightly placed the petal on his palm. "So this is the sequence in which we'll enter the Chaotic Source World? Is it always like this? Warriors enter in an entirely random order?"

Zen had assumed that the members of the same race could enter the Chaotic Source World together. As allies, they could watch out for each other and cooperate in order to get further. But this random sequence made that impossible now.

"In the past, members of the same race were allowed to enter together, but they just ended up fighting in groups almost as soon as they entered the Chaotic Source World. So the rule was changed," Elvinia explained.

Many large races and super forces had long histories with each other, which often involved some degree of enmity and animosity. When groups of warriors entered the Chaotic Source World and began fighting each other, this caused enormous losses to many races. To minimize the needless deaths, the Pear Hill had decided that participants would enter the Chaotic Source World individually, and that the order of entrance would be determined randomly.

Sally, Hutton, and the others held their own petals in their hands. They also looked surprised at this unexpected twist. This rule had only been in place for a few decades, and they had not yet heard of it.

They had all been operating under the assumption that they would enter together, and they were at a loss at this development.

"Don't worry. I will wait for you at the entrance," Zen said to Sally with a smile.

Unexpectedly, Sally curled her lips at Zen, shaking her head. She morosely showed him her petal. "You'll be waiting a long time. Look, I got number 39, 000!"

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