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   Chapter 3367 Teach Him A Lesson

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The Soul Devouring Demon should keep a low profile now, on account of how wild and ruthless he had behaved on the Other Shore.

No one had thought he would ever be so arrogant.

He was so fearless; he had offended almost all the super forces and then still had the audacity to admit to his evil deeds. It was no wonder the Black Ship chose him!

On the other hand, Shera seemed to have no intention to restrain the young man in black and showed zero care for his safety.

Zen was inquiring of the origin of the Black Ship when the young man in black appeared suddenly before him. Zen stood up with eyebrows raised and his eyes glazed over in disbelief.

"What's wrong?" Elvinia asked in confusion.

"Zen, do you know him?" Dorothy was confused as well.

Both Dorothy and Elvinia were totally confounded. Not only did Zen have something to do with the Pear Hill, but he also seemed to know this man from the Black Ship.

However, Zen had just asked of the origin of the Black Ship; it might be possible he knew nothing about it.

"Yes, I know him," Zen answered with a bitter smile. "He is a secondary creature from my inner world."


"A creature in your inner world?"

Elvinia and Dorothy were both flabbergasted.

Athemar stood at the front and turned his head in shock on hearing Zen's words. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes," Zen replied sourly. "I released him when I entered the Source World. I didn't expect him to get so powerful in such a short period of time."

When he had released the Evil God, he felt he owed him something because of the Ways-blending Energy.

Although he was aware the Evil God had an incomparable talent, he never thought he would be capable of growing and improving his cultivation base at such speed, and join a force like the Black Ship!

Zen had taken precautionary measure though. He had built him a Rebirth Land.

He could sense the Evil God's general position if he was near him, but Zen hadn't known until the Evil God jumped from the Black Ship.

How had he avoided the restraint of the Rebirth Land?

Zen knew the Rebirth Land was not omnipotent, but he never imagined the Evil God w

hera was shocked at this scene. "Human Sovereign, how dare you ..."


Fuxi, not far away, stretched out his finger and pressed it downwards slightly and an invisible force shoved the Evil God to the ground.

Before Shera even realized what had happened, Fuxi stretched his hand out and pulled the Evil God over to him, grabbing him by the neck.

Such was Fuxi's power that even just one of his fingers was capable of releasing this incredible strength.

The Evil God had sustained serious injuries. Blood flowed like a river as he was unable to move in Fuxi's grip.

Shera's lovely face darkened and morphed strangely. Her dark pupils were completely vacant and the whites in her eyes, terrifyingly, had disappeared.

She was now in a fighting state which she would only get into when faced with a powerful opponent such as Fuxi.

Fuxi paid no attention to Shera. He gripped the Evil God's neck tightly and yelled in his face, "I don't care where you're from. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If anyone dares attack Zen outside the Chaotic Source World, I'll kill them!"

Blood trickled down from the Evil God's forehead, a violent force flowed through his body and one of his eyes began glowing with hatred.

He had never suffered such a loss.

But Fuxi was so incredibly powerful...

He was a mere ant to Fuxi, a little creature with no strength to fight back, just as he had been with Zen in the past.

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