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   Chapter 3365 The Black Ship Came

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Elizabeth and the others returned to their places too.

Yan's behavior left them speechless.

The pieces of the puzzle finally clicked in her mind. It finally dawned on her why Zen had so many powerful Latent Theurgies, why he showed incredible ability even when he was at an early stage of the Other Shore Realm and why he wasn't afraid of the burning of the divine flames of the Sun Crow race.

He must have an amazing background!

But now, Elizabeth had a new question.

With Zen's sister daring to act so rudely in front of Fuxi, she couldn't help but wonder exactly who their parents were.

Most of the creatures present were beginning to ask the same question. No one in the Source World could make Fuxi react like this. What kind of background did Zen and Yan have?

All the disciples of the Flow Sword Sect, the Unique Array Sword Sect and the Killing Sword Sect were shocked by what had happened.

"Konnor, that disciple of your Flow Sword Sect seems to have a strong background!" a disciple of the Killing Sword Sect exclaimed.

"Isn't he the one who won first place in the Seven Mountains Meeting? He doesn't have a powerful background, does he?" a disciple of the Unique Array Sword Sect asked in a hushed tone.

Konnor and Milo from the Flow Sword Sect didn't know what to say.

In Konnor's eyes, Zen was just like Milo, who had worked his way up the Oneness Sky Palace on his own merits.

How would he know if there were some hidden truths behind it?

Meanwhile, Chaim and Efrain, the two top talents from the Oneness Sky Palace, shot each other a meaningful look.

Zen's talent had made the two of them feel a little discouraged before, but knowing better now, they were at peace with it. There was a reason why Zen was so outstanding. His background was much stronger than theirs.

"Brother, after the Chaotic Source World opens, you have to follow my lead, okay?" Yan said to Zen with a smile, before walking away and standing in a corner with the other members of the Pear Hill.

Zen nodded with a smile on his face.

In the divine land, there was a time when Yan's strength had also increased greatly

e must be a supreme master in the Source World to become one of them.

Occasionally, the Black Ship would also train new members.

But the people it chose tended to be monstrously powerful.

The Black Ship had never come to the Chaotic Source World in recent years, which was why their presence now was so unexpected.

As the ship flew over everyone's head, a woman in a black dress jumped down and landed firmly on the ground.

The woman's skin was as white as paper, her face as adorable as a doll's, and her big eyes alluring. However, if you were sensitive enough, you could sense a deadly aura from her.

She was Shera.

Fear gripped Elizabeth, Athemar and the leaders of the other large races.

The strength of Shera was much stronger than that of Athemar and his peers. She was as strong as the heads of the seven mountains and the Five-element Emissaries of the Bearing race. According to practice, such a strong warrior wasn't allowed to enter the Icy Snow Province.

The moment Shera appeared, Fuxi who had disappeared, came back.

"I can smell the odor of corpses from you far away. What are you doing here? Get out of here!" Fuxi said, glaring at her with contempt.

When Shera saw Fuxi, she flashed an innocent smile. She swept back the hem of her dress as she bowed to him, responding sweetly, "You are being too harsh. You know, the most beautiful fragrance in the world is the smell of death."

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