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   Chapter 3364 Threat

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Fuxi was not shouting but his words were audible enough for everyone to hear clearly. Then, there was a moment of dead silence.

The Icy Snow Province used to be a part of the Pear Hill, so it was close to it.

Meanwhile, the strongest warriors of the super forces, such as the Sun Crow race, the Bearing race, and the Separate Abyss race didn't come.

Everyone was anxious as they knew the price of disobedience.

Even Elizabeth couldn't contain her anger.

Her goal was to give the Oneness Sky Palace a fatal head-on blow to weaken their morale.

The news that arrived from the Other Shore frustrated the members of the Sun Crow race and the Bearing race. The man named Thad had attacked these several super forces relentlessly but they could do nothing to him.

However, Elizabeth didn't expect that Fuxi himself would show up personally.

"Human Sovereign, does this mean that we can fight outside the Icy Snow Province?" Elizabeth asked as she gnashed her teeth.

She thought that if Emperor Charm of the Sun Crow race, the Yellow Thearch of the Bearing race, and the Divine Farmer were here, they might not succumb in fear to Fuxi.

Nonetheless, they were in Fuxi's territory now, so they had no choice but to yield for the time being.

"Yeah, that's right." Fuxi shrugged, with a fierce glint in his eyes. He stared at Elizabeth and continued, "But I have to warn you about one thing. If anyone dares to lay a finger on this young man, death will be the consequence."

Zen was the one chosen by the Chaos Ancient God, so Fuxi certainly wouldn't let anyone else kill him.

Of course, Fuxi knew that it wouldn't be easy to bring Zen down. He just deliberately advised Elizabeth and the others not to use any underhanded tricks on his watch.

As they heard Fuxi's threat, everyone was taken aback. Elizabeth's face changed, just as the leaders of the other races.

The younger generation who were present also became confused.

"What's so amazing about him? Why does the Human Sovereign protect him to that degree?"

"Didn't you hear? It's because Fuxi regards him as his rival. Of course he won't let anyone else lay a finger on him."

"What? How could he be a rival of the Human Sovereign? That's insane!"

Those who were about to enter the Chaotic So

are talk nonsense to my brother, you're going to get it," Yan said with a stern face as she waved her fist in front of him.

Everyone was stunned as they didn't know what was going on.

The title of the Human Sovereign was a symbol of strength and status.

As one of the most powerful masters in the Source World, Fuxi exuded an aura of unmatched authority. However, none of those seemed to matter as he stood passively in front of Yan.

Athemar and the others were extremely shocked.

They couldn't stop thinking of what could have possibly happened between them.

They observed that Yan enjoyed a high status in the Snake Goddess race. She was surrounded by a crowd of the Pear Hill members as she got off the flying ship.

However, that wasn't an enough explanation for what was happening.

How could Yan scold the Human Sovereign in this way, and why didn't he dare to retort?

It was a scene that nobody would believe if they didn't see it with their own eyes and hear with their ears.

Being threatened by Yan in public, Fuxi felt a bit humiliated. Thus, he tried to make an escape. He said, "Well, I don't need to keep the order here. Members of the Pear Hill, please go to your place."

After saying that, he no longer gave Yan any chance to speak. His figure swiftly distorted and flashed away in front of everyone.

"Damn it! I can't believe he just ran away like that!"

From Yan's expression, it seemed that she wasn't really finished yet, and had no intention of letting Fuxi go at all.

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