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   Chapter 3363 Target

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At that moment, Elvinia's anger turned into confusion. She was curious as to how Elizabeth knew Zen.

"Yes, it's me," Zen replied with a faint smile.

Since he had promised Flamine to protect Elvinia, he had to take some of the pressure off of her.

Besides, Elizabeth immediately targeted the Oneness Sky Palace the moment she arrived. It was indeed too much.

Back then, Zen had taken the Shade Stone which caused Elizabeth to hold a grudge against him ever since.

It would've been more acceptable if it was a master like Athemar who had done such a thing, but the person who had snatched the Shade Stone away was a young man, a nobody--and Elizabeth felt greatly ashamed.

Moreover, he didn't even avoid her at all when he had faced her today. Instead, he even had the guts to stand up for Elvinia and call her a bird. He was too bold!

"Do you really think…

that because someone is protecting you, you can be safe all the time?" she snarled murderously as a scorching soul aura spread from her being.

In turn, the disciples sitting on the ground stepped back when they sensed her strong aura.

She was so arrogant and domineering that she completely ignored the leaders of the seven mountains.

Even the usually calm Athemar looked visibly angry now. He released a sharp soul aura, which turned into a wall in front of the disciples as a response. Then, he declared, "Elizabeth, if you want to make a move, our Oneness Sky Palace is ready for a fight!"

At that point, Winchell and the elders of the other five mountains started to gather their strength. More and more powerful auras filled the space.

"Oh?" Elizabeth's lips stretched into a thin smile. "We're more than happy to see that the Oneness Sky Palace is ready to fight. Should we find a place then?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the old leader of the Bearing race, a few leaders of the Divine Farmer race and the New Moon race all stepped out and stood beside Elizabeth.

The Chaotic Source World hadn't even opened yet, but the atmosphere already became too tense.

Unfortunately, anyone with a keen eye could see that the Oneness Sky Palace was at a disadvantage.

In fact, Eastern Emperor Taiyi had already expected this to happen.

It became worse especially because Zen had anonymously destroyed the temple of the Bearing race. Thus, the Bearing race had every reason to hate him to the core and desire to eliminate him as soon as possible.

Moreover, they had already known that Elvinia had a physical body on the Other Shore.

Now, the truth was they had already discussed their

ther Shore and that his Soul of Light had become more powerful and sensitive, Fuxi still gave him the feeling that his strength was incomparably unfathomable.

"Yes, what a coincidence!" Zen replied calmly.

"Humph! Coincidence? I've been waiting for you all this time, but you are too late. You haven't accepted the Chaotic Source Reinforcement yet. How long are you going to let me wait?"

Fuxi's question puzzled Zen. "Why are you waiting for me?" Zen asked back.

"Of course, to kill you and replace you when the right time comes," said Fuxi with a grin.

Despite the smile on Fuxi's face and his drunken state, there was a hint of seriousness in his glassy eyes. Zen's heart skipped a beat. This fellow didn't seem to be joking.

Of course, he didn't know Fuxi's long-cherished wish.

After Fuxi had figured out the Chaos Ancient God's intentions, he began to take Zen seriously as his target.

Though Zen had grown at a very outrageous speed, he was still too slow in Fuxi's eyes.

The others who were present were dumbfounded, as they had no idea what Fuxi was talking about.

His strength could definitely allow him to kill Zen with just one finger, so why would he wait until Zen had grown really strong?

Furthermore, even if Zen would really grow with his power, could he become as powerful as a man like Fuxi in the future?

Elizabeth and those who stood around her were also baffled. Fuxi appeared so suddenly and unexpectedly, and they didn't know what to do next.

At that moment, Fuxi turned towards Elizabeth and the others, then said, "Remember, I don't care about what you do in the Chaotic Source World, but if anyone dares to fight in the Icy Snow Province, I won't show any mercy."

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