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   Chapter 3362 Large Races Gathered

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Zen's gaze swept around the spacious square, and landed at some giant figures standing on the left side of the area.

"They are the Separate Abyss race," he muttered.

He had previously seen the Separate Abyss race on the Other Shore several times.

Although he wasn't able to see clearly how they looked back then on the Other Shore, the silhouettes of their Souls of Light showed the outline of their figures. Thus, he had recognized them in one glance.

The members of the Separate Abyss race were all seventy to eighty feet tall, which made them look like small mountains when they stood there.

Every single one of them wore a special layer of golden armor. Their big eyes emitted a strong malicious aura, that they even looked down on everything quite condescendingly as they gazed around.

They were born with huge size and strong bodies. They were indeed superior to other races in terms of physical strength, which was why they were extremely arrogant.

Not far from them were the Ear Mice who sat up straight on the ground.

All of them wore masks and kept silent. They were much more low-key.

Everyone else thought that the Ear Mice weren't that strong when it came to combat strength, but that was because they rarely had conflicts with other races. They preferred to use divine crystals and soul pills to solve everything.

Furthermore, Zen's observation of them on the Other Shore indicated that their combat strength shouldn't actually be underestimated.

After all, all the best Other Shore Tokens were traded through their dealings--so the Other Shore Tokens they had merged with naturally couldn't be bad.

Aside from those two races, there were also the Rain race, the Celestial Wolf race, the Purple Ape race, and so on.

Generally speaking, one could tell the strength of a certain race from the number of creatures they had.

The stronger a race was, the higher authority they had, and the more tickets they could get.

For example, there were more than five hundred warriors of the Separate Abyss race. They currently had the largest number of warriors present. Thus, they obviously obtained the highest number of tickets to the Chaotic Source World.

On the other hand, the small races like the Celestial Wolf race and the Purple Ape race with about only twenty to thirty members, had a relatively weak overall strength.

The average super forces could get more than two hundred tickets, but this time, only a total of more than one hundred and eighty warriors from the seven mountains of the Oneness Sky Palace had come. It meant that as of now, they were disadvantaged when it came to the distribution of tickets.

Once A

beth, I wonder what you came here for."

Elizabeth's gaze landed on Elvinia, and with a smile she spoke, "Nothing. I just want to see the traitor of our Sun Crow race. She will actually accept the Chaotic Source Reinforcement today. How time flies."

Elvinia's face darkened upon hearing those words. She stood up and hissed, "Dare you say it again!"

The years Elvinia had spent in the Divine Lair were nightmares that she would never want to look back all her life, but Elizabeth actually took the initiative to provoke her. Naturally, she was furious.

"Elizabeth, watch your mouth!" Athemar warned. He too, was displeased.

All of them gathered for one purpose: to enter the Chaotic Source World, and not to stir up trouble.

Still, Elizabeth ignored him and continued, "I didn't say anything wrong. Your mother is a traitor, and you are a traitor as well. It's fine if you continue to hide in the Oneness Sky Palace like your mother. Since you dared to come to the Chaotic Source World, you must be mentally prepared for the fact that you might not be able to come back."

The light in Elvinia's eyes dimmed further. Just as she was about to retort, Zen suddenly stopped her and said, "There is no need to be so worked up on these birds."

Elizabeth hadn't noticed Zen at first. As soon as she saw Zen, she remembered that moment in the Mountain Viewing Province. Her face suddenly turned sour. "It's you?!"

She had performed the Illusory Projection several times to kill Zen but he had successfully escaped each time, so he left a deep impression on her.

At that time, however, Zen had only recently stepped onto the Other Shore. Therefore, she was surprised that he would now be able to accept Chaotic Source Reinforcement after just a short amount of time.

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