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   Chapter 3360 Arrival

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The ticket to the Chaotic Source World was actually a slice of divine crystal which was cut in a very clever manner.

Four small runes that were drawn on the ticket absorbed the internal divine crystal energy and spread it around. If any of its corners was damaged, the entire ticket would be broken into pieces.

It was safe to say that since the ticket to the Chaotic Source World was too precious, many creatures had dared to make copies of it.

That was why the tickets were made in such a clever way, to prevent plagiarism.

The Evil God held the ticket close to his face, then looked at it with a critical eye.

He had suffered a lot during his time in the Black Mountain Guild, especially when he was a newcomer. Some warriors at the Other Shore Realm had even subdued him too much with their Other Shore Tokens.

Yet, he never yielded. In fact, he had even made rapid progress in just a short amount of time. Eventually, he had gotten to either defeat or kill those who had once repressed him.

He had gone through so much for just this little ticket.

He casually tucked it into the space ring and said, "Is there any way to get me a space ring on the Other Shore? I got so many Other Shore Tokens but I can't take them away. What a pity!"

It was actually easy to create Sumeru Space on the Other Shore. The super powers usually raised Thunder Beasts in their temples and they all had their own unique technology to make space rings.

The only thing was Evil God had always acted on his own and had no contact with the others on the Other Shore. Who would make a space ring for him?

He had wanted to rush into the temples and force them to carve a space ring for him. But to his disappointment, they had set up restriction against the outsiders in their temples. No matter how strong his Soul of Light was, there was nothing he could do.

Therefore, he had no choice but to throw away many tokens he'd obtained on the Other Shore, save for some extremely valuable ones that were hidden in his Soul of Light. That was really a great pity for him.

When Shera heard his words, she glanced contemptuously at him and said, "The Other Shore Tokens obtained in the Lust World are just rubbish. It's not a waste to throw them away. Besides, we don't have any allies in the Lust World."

The Black Ship had a very small population, but each of its members was a peerless master. They wouldn't have gone to the Lust World if it weren't for some special reasons.

"No! You are rubbish!" Evil God spat back.


s as they slowly rose up. Soon enough, they had left the Oneness Sky Palace and flew westward.

The seven flying ships belonged to the seven mountains of the Oneness Sky Palace, and the one that led them belonged to the Oneness Mountain. Of course, disciples from the Phoenix Palace and the three sword sects were in it.

To get to the Chaotic Source World, they had to cross over a hundred provinces. Even if the flying ships could penetrate space, they still had to pass through the walls between provinces when they reached the boundaries. Since they had to pause for a moment, it was clearly impossible for them to travel too fast.

Inside the huge flying ships were hundreds of cubicles that were arranged neatly.

Even though the disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace were on the journey, they still continued to cultivate themselves tirelessly.

At the end of the day, the competition in the Chaotic Source World was also extremely fierce. Not everyone who entered it could get through the Chaotic Source Reinforcement. Disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace either cultivated their Souls of Light on the Other Shore, consolidated their own sword theurgy, or practiced the use of their newly fused Other Shore Tokens.

Half a month later, the seven flying ships of the Oneness Sky Palace came out of the space barrier, and entered a snow-filled world.

Once they reached the cold place, all the disciples from the Oneness Mountain went up to the deck to have a bird's eye view of the area covered with snow and ice.

Zen leaned on the rail as the chilly air caressed his face.

They had now arrived at the Icy Snow Province, where the Chaotic Source World was located.

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