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   Chapter 3358 Leaving

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"Yes, I've heard of them," Zen responded along with a nod.

In fact, he was not merely aware of them.

He had the full support of the Regal Jade Civilization, one of the top ten civilizations.

With Zen's improvements on the Other Shore, the Regal Jade Civilization would have a far-reaching advantage if they were to join the games again.

Meanwhile, Eastern Emperor Taiyi gazed deeply at Zen, as if deep in thought.

Ever since the establishment of the Oneness Sky Palace, he had seen a number of young people with extraordinary strengths and talents.

However, no one had ever come close to Zen's excellence.

After their short discussion, Eastern Emperor Taiyi found that Zen kept many secrets, which made him feel that he could not see him through.

"You know much, but your cultivation is still too low," Eastern Emperor Taiyi muttered. "But as you know, the Chaotic Source World will be opened soon. For the Other Shore Realm warriors, the Chaotic Source Reinforcement is an important threshold they must cross. You must seize this opportunity."

"I have been fully prepared," replied Zen, bowing his head.

He had said this but in actuality, he was a little confused.

Based on Chance's performance, the corporeal body of the Chaotic Source Realm proved to be very strong.

However, if Zen absorbed a few more Shade Stones and used them to protect his body, he would surely have the physical strength as strong as those who went through the Chaotic Source Reinforcement, maybe even stronger than them.

Was it even necessary for the warriors at the Other Shore Realm to undergo the Chaotic Source Reinforcement?

After a few minutes, Zen left Eastern Emperor Taiyi's place.

Their meeting didn't last long, and Eastern Emperor Taiyi hadn't actually given Zen anything. But at the end of the day, Zen had gotten exactly what he wanted, namely Eastern Emperor Taiyi's promise.

There had to be countless rare treasures and theurgies in the Oneness Sky Palace, but Zen wanted nothing to do with them. Moreover, he was not interested in garnering a bubble reputation.

After Zen left, a person emerged from a corner in Eastern Emperor Taiyi's pavilion. The long cerise dress outlined her slim figure. It was Flamine.

"Your Majesty, why didn't you summon me but Zen after you woke up?" said Flamine, flustered and frustrated. Before Eastern Emperor Taiyi, she was a very gentle woman

recovered?" Zen asked with a genuine smile.

Elvinia's posture was tall, and her expression was as cold as ice. She wore a long blue dress, looking quite elegant and sophisticated.

It was hard to read her, especially with coldness in her blue eyes.

The Memory Flame recorded everything. After Teague's memory was removed, her memory had been completely restored. This made everything clear to her, especially the incident in the Dark Region.

Recalling that she had followed Zen like a little puppy, she blushed in embarrassment.

"Little Master!"

"Little Master, you've finally recovered!"

Nelly, Laquisha and Lavender were happy to see Elvinia healthy and well, most especially because of Elvinia's kindness towards them all.

"It seems that you're heading somewhere." Elvinia blinked, looking at all the bags they carried. "Are you leaving?"

"Yes," Laquisha responded. "Thanks to you in these days, our cultivation base has improved by leaps and bounds. But we seem to have offended Lady Jean, and we don't want to cause more trouble by staying in the Phoenix Palace."

"Lady Jean? What happened?" Elvinia frowned. She was unaware of this.

"When you were gone, they..." Nelly told Elvinia what had happened recently.

After hearing Nelly's explanation, Elvinia felt a chill come over her. "Chance? Ahmad? They are quite bold!" she sneered.

No descendants of the Phoenix Palace ever dared to offend Elvinia.

Even a Chaotic Source Realm cultivator like Chance would make a detour if he ever came across her.

Little did she know that they started a fight when she was gone.

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