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   Chapter 3357 Zen's Request

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Eastern Emperor Taiyi stared at Zen, a smile cracking through his serious face.

He was always a gravely serious man; Zen didn't know how rare this smile was.

He stretched a finger towards Zen as he smiled.

The finger released the powerful, sharp radiance like a sword. This was a technique that could be performed by any ordinary swordsman.

Naturally, however, as it was Eastern Emperor Taiyi employing the finger strike, it was incredibly powerful.

Zen felt that the finger strike contained the aura of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent's Truth Enlightenment.

Seeing the finger strike heading straight for him, Zen too stretched out a finger. A white spiral burst from his finger's radiance and he began making use of the Truth Enlightenment as well.




Zen launched an attack with his finger and Eastern Emperor Taiyi moved slightly and avoided it, responding with a horizontal chop of his own.

Zen reacted by gently moving his finger upward, and with a flip of his hand, he instantly stopped the chop coming at him.

In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged more than ten moves.

Eastern Emperor Taiyi restrained his strength to a very low level, only fighting Zen with the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent.

Zen had comprehended more content of the Truth Enlightenment than he had. His finger radiance was sharper and more formidable than Eastern Emperor Taiyi's, suppressing Eastern Emperor Taiyi's every attack and forcing him to give up over and over.

"I was on the Other Shore for quite a while this time, leaving only a soul fragment here. When anything important happened in the Oneness Sky Palace, Athemar and the others would report it to my soul fragment. After I came back and fused with the soul fragment, I was very surprised by you," said Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

Zen pretended not to understand and asked innocently, "Why? What is it that has shocked you?"

"I have been studying the Truth Enlightenment for many years, too many. I once contemplated giving it up. Altogether I've only deciphered about 100 words. But you, only around 100 years old, have already surpassed me in deciphering the Sanskrit words. That is what has me shocked," Eastern Emperor Taiyi said earnestly.

He was the man responsible for the construction of the orthodox human force. His goal was to achieve the ultimate level in all respects, such as deciphering the Sanskrit words, and cultivating the swordsmanship.

The Truth Enlightenment had hindered him for too long. He hadn't achieved anything until only recently.

However, after comprehend

astern Emperor Taiyi, Zen stood silently.

"What do you want?" Eastern Emperor Taiyi suddenly asked.

All swordsmen could benefit greatly from the Truth Enlightenment.

Eastern Emperor Taiyi did not think Zen would give over the translation without asking for something in return.

Eastern Emperor Taiyi had also just alluded to the Nine Li race, which must mean he had seen through Zen's thoughts and known what was coming.

Since Eastern Emperor Taiyi had asked him directly, Zen answered him directly, "I want to rebuild the Nine Li race and I wish for the Oneness Sky Palace to assist me."

Eastern Emperor Taiyi was not surprised at all. He waved his hand and said, "I can help you. The whole Oneness Sky Palace will help you, but not yet."

"Then, when will you help me?" Zen asked.

"When the war between them fully begins," answered Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

Most people would probably not know who "them" referred to.

However, Zen had explored the Dark Region and he had inherited the Civilization Artifact. He also understood that those super forces in the Source World were basically the spokespersons of certain civilizations.

"Does 'them' you just talked about refer to the previous civilizations?" Zen asked.

"You know of this?" Eastern Emperor Taiyi was truly taken aback this time.

He thought Zen, who had just reached Stage Thirteen, didn't even know the layout of the Other Shore. How could he know the existence of those civilizations?

Several Oneness Governors would from time to time report important information to Eastern Emperor Taiyi's soul fragment.

But he still had no knowledge of the fact that Zen had stepped into the Dark Region, and that Elvinia had become a purified being.

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