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   Chapter 3352 The Growing Sculptures

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As he helplessly watched Zen escape from his binding force, Chance's face was shadowed with a small trace of anger.

He had no idea about the red light in Zen's right eye, but he had felt the horror brought by it, even though it had lasted for one tiny, ephemeral moment.

"Crooked way!"

Chance bellowed, trying to settle the fear he felt inside. He waved his blood-red sword into the air again, and hundreds of beams of sword radiance shot out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Seeing how aggressive the sword radiances were getting now, Zen was sure that he would be defeated sooner or later if he kept on dodging. He had to put an end to this fight.

Seeing the sword radiance rush toward him, Zen waved his Snow Sword, hacking at nine different points.

"Nine-Flash Light-splitting Swordsmanship!" he roared.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Nine rays of bright and pearly white colored sword radiance chopped the air and rushed toward Chance's sword radiance at an incredible speed.

But Chance's sword radiance was much more stable and strong since it contained greater Other Shore Power than Zen's. The latter's was remarkably fast, but regretfully, lacked quite a bit in power. When the two sword radiances collided, Zen's nine rays were smashed into nothingness as if they were made of paper or dry weeds.

Apparently, Zen couldn't block the sword radiance Chance was throwing at him. All he could do was to retreat and dodge again and again. He was in a precarious situation now.

"Huh! Now you see it! It's not that easy to make up for such a huge gap between cultivation levels," Chance remarked casually, staring at Zen with a scornful gaze. He began to approach Zen impassively with his sword in hand.

The direct descendants of the palace nodded subconsciously when they heard this. Chance's words made sense. How could Zen confront such a strong warrior at the Chaotic Source Realm, especially when he was comparatively much weaker?

However, unknown to them, Chance was still a bit puzzled by the red light in Zen's right eye.

He didn't know what it was, but could sense that it was quite a rare Other Shore Token since it could disturb even his mind. He guessed it could be a mysterious type and would not contain much Other Shore Power.

Even the mysterious Other Shore Tokens of Stage Fourteen could unleash no more than 300 divine megatons of force.

But Zen had unleashed almost a thousand divine megatons of force just now. Was it possible that he had two Other Shore Tokens?

Pondering over the possibilities, Chances waved his blood-red sword.

"Annihilation World!"

The sword radiance that rushed out this time contained an overwhelming intent of annihilation. Even if someone was just grazed by it, they would sustain

as it possible that they were wrong?

Was it because this particular Other Shore Token wasn't a descending type?

What was the use of the Regal Jade Beast he had summoned then?

Chance was getting a little impatient now. He didn't know what Zen was playing at. He flew up, raised his blood-red sword with his left hand, and hit the second sculpture directly.


The second sculpture was smashed into pieces by a single strike this time.

As soon as he smashed this sculpture, Chance began to chase after Zen once again.

He didn't care what the use of these Regal Jade sculptures was. All he wanted was to kill Zen!

With Chance in hot pursuit, Zen acted very calmly.

Since he was unable to fight against Chance head-on, he merely kept dodging and retreating. And while retreating, he kept on releasing Regal Jade Beast sculptures one after another.

Chance was hot headed. But if he had been cautious enough, then he would have instantly noticed that these sculptures were gradually growing in size. Each one was bigger and taller than the previous one!

Chance finally noticed this after smashing a few of them.

'There's something strange about his sculptures.'

Out of fighting instinct, Chance didn't let go of any sculpture even after realizing that. He cut through all the tokens that Zen was releasing into pieces along the way.

Forced to repeatedly destroy these sculptures, Chance had to slow down. They were proving to be quite a nuisance.

Just as Chance cut the tenth sculpture, he was faced with yet another problem.

The Regal Jade Beast sculpture had now grown as tall as a man. Previously, he had been able to stab through the sculptures in a single strike, but now, he could only leave a few cracks on it with one strike. These Regal Jade sculptures were becoming bigger and stronger.

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